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  1. Hello, some photos for the end of this season Drosera Latifolia avec des Filiformis Red en second plan Drosera Graomogolensis Dionée Moon Trap entourée de drosera Burmanii :drunken: Drosera Camporupestris Drosera Adelae
  2. really nice plant, i like it too
  3. Here are some photos which I share with you! Dionée Whale Coquillage Mirror Drosera Burmanii {Humpty Doo} Oblanceolata Cephalotus Adrian Slack Clone
  4. ah ah, beautiful! Now we wait for the flower
  5. According to what we told me, it is self-polinization. If anybody can confirm it? Thank you
  6. Hi, Some photos of the flower Another floral handle is in preparation!
  7. Hi, At this beginning of season here are some photos Dionée Fondue Dionée Alien Dionée Spotty Dionée Royal Red X Dentate Dionée Tiger Fangs Dionée Wiky Purple Trap Dionée Teeth Selektion1 Dionée Phalanx Drosera Cuneifolia Drosera Capensis X Aliciae Drosera Capillaris X Intermedia Drosera Venusta X Nidiformis Drosera X Belziana Giant Drosera Ascendens Cephalotus Adrian Slack Cephalotus Big Boy Cephalotus Duddley Watts
  8. nice mutations Trev! It looks like a butterfly.
  9. Dionée Teeth Selektion 1 Dionée Mirror Dionée Flat Spotted Dionée Coquillage Drosera Ascendens Drosera Brevifolia Drosera Schizandra