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  1. Hello mateusz, Any seed available currently,



  2. As a grower that stays in South-Africa, U.livida is one of my favourite Bladderwort species, there are huge variations in colour, inflorescence length, size of leaves etc. In SA, it grows from from sea-level to above 2000m in the snow/frost line. Flower colour varies from pure white albas, to the darkest complete purples (Drakensberg MTS) and everything in-between. Regards, Jaco Truter
  3. That is definitely D.collinsiae, Ive seen about 5 x different Mpumalanga colonies, and there are small differences between plants, due to natural variation.... Regards, Jaco.
  4. Ive been back to this site, and can confirm its D.dielsiana, a very tiny form with short inflorescences.
  5. Sean, I was not confirming Craigs id, just highlighting the fact that the locality was close to the Fairyland one...personally , Im also not sure that its dielsiana Regards, Jaco.
  6. Which is very close to the ubiquitous Drosera sp. 'Fairyland ' locality !! Regards, Jaco
  7. As far as I am aware there are no populations of Drosera burkeana in the Johannesburg area of South-Africa. Regards, Jaco Truter.
  8. Hello Rodrigo, I am very interested to buy South American Drosera species seed, do you have any seed currently that you could sell ?

    My e-mail address :[email protected]



  9. Hi Michal, Please let me know when you have Drosera seed for sale again.


    Jaco Truter (South africa )

  10. Dear Group, I need a bit of help please, I am looking for a source of seed for any of the S/E USA Pinguicula species ??? Can anyone point me in the right direction ?? Many thanks, Jaco. (South-africa )