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  1. The most original and funny idea I ever seen xD I hope your plants like their new "throne"
  2. I love fingerstyle and you play well :) For my part, I play guitar since I'm 13. I started with electric guitar, playing heavy metal in a band, but now, I'm more and more interested by acoustic guitars. Some players as Andy McKee sound like heaven, but it's too hard for me playing this way for the moment. He is an alien Can you give some advices on fingerstyle ? Songs to learn first for example ?
  3. Never seen a so amazing Sarraceniabefore. Veins are particularly remarkable ! I'm in love. Wish it would be in our collection soon
  4. I like the "for fun". I hope my Heliamphora will be so "funny" one day xD
  5. Great ! They look healthy While I'm here, I was wondering why my Byblis liniflora grew really tall but also really thin. So thin that it felt under its own height and took too many place in my terraria. Also the space between each leaves was too "high". Don't know how too explain it in english but I hope someone understood It didn't look Byblis liniflora in fact... I bought the seeds from "Rarexoticseeds". Now it's flowering so it will die soon but I'd like to know why I had this issue before sowing it again And if somebody has got seed of a small specie of Byblis... I'm here !
  6. What a wonderful plant ! Elegant, colorful... I love it
  7. Ouah ! Good photos, it's interesting to see these uncommon plants in their natural envirronment So sad I can't read german...
  8. I can confirm that feeding young plants is really effective. I tried with three D. aliciae leaf-cutting (they are not seedling, yes, but they started growing at the same time). One of them was a the diet, one was feeding once two weeks or three, and one once a week. As I imagined, they are now from the smallest to the tallest ^^
  9. Hmmmm... Gorgeous Maybe it'll not be my holy grail of this genus, but I find it pretty, and different looking from the others. Where did you get it please ?
  10. Very interesting hybrid ! The results looks good, and very different than others South-American Drosera ! Congratulations, you are a very good bee (or other inesct pollinator, as you want )
  11. Wowh ! What are your conditions of cultivation for D. neocaledonica ? Pretty collection
  12. Congratulations to the winners ! The "Vampiric" N. bicalarata is terrifying