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  1. The scale insects appeared within a week or so of first adding live moss, and they first appeared on the plants where the moss was used, which is why I thought it was the moss. Never had any prior. It took months to completely get rid of them, and lost loads of plants as a result. Even if I got new stuff, I would want to do something just in case, especially as I now have seedlings as well...

  2. A while ago I tossed out some live sphagnum moss in a container and left it at the bottom of the garden in the 'wild' area.


    Found it this morning, and it looks perfect.  


    What is the best way to kill off any nasties that may be lurking in it (but not to kill the moss) before using it?


    Freeze it for a few days? Very hot, but not boiling water?

  3. I have what is most likely to be a Ventrata (sold as an Alata at a GC) which I have had for around 2 years, but it is starting to get a bit leggy, and is propped up against the wall so the plant doesn't fall over.


    Can you pinch out the tips of Neps, to encourage it to bush out a bit more instead of it continuing to grow upwards, like you can with other plants?


    Also, if that is possible, then is this a good Nep to go in a hanging basket?


    Hoping for a better year than last year for Neps. Had a breakout of scale insects, which resulted in the rajah and mira dying, and this Ventrata still grew (not as fast) and didn't produce any pitchers.

  4. ok, so with neps, changing conditions can stress the plant out, and growth can slow down or stop for a while....


    can changing the water stress the plants out or not - changing from rainwater to ro-water


    daft question i know  :sarcastic_hand:

  5. orchid focus by growth technology, i have been told its the doo daas for neps, normal strength foliar application once a fortnight, i know people with huge colourful neps and they told me to use this yesterday.


    there are a few orchid focus ferts. grow, bloom and ultra i think. Do you know what is best? I currently use just the grow

  6. some people do pop insects into the pitchers of the plants,  but I am wondering if anyone has put rodent droppings from their pets in the pitchers or even rabbit droppings?


    only asking because I watched a very interesting video on here (somewhere, or a link from this site) a few months ago about the relationship shrews and nepenthes have.

  7. I have just noticed that 1 of my neps has got what looks like whitefly on it

    with other plants i always treated them with soapy water or tomorite which did the trick with 1 treatment.

    is there anything that is 'safe' for neps?

    what about this?



    would like to get something asap before there are too much

  8. My mira and the rajah do not seem to of grown at all in the past year, but both look healthy enough, and there is 1 pitcher forming on the mira and another has opened, and 1 forming on the rajah (albeit rather small though). never had a pitcher on either plant more than 3cm. the mira is 17cm wide and the rajah is 15cm. when i got them they were around 12cm wide.

    I have had both plants for almost 2 years, and last winter the rajah did start to produce a new leaf every month or so. not this winter though

    They are on a north facing bay window that does get direct sun for a few hours in the evening, and humidity is >80% and day time temps of 20 deg c minimum

  9. thanks

    just noticed on the mira, a leaf that is around 3 months old that had a tendril and the very start of a pitcher that has not changed since it formed has suddenly burst into life and there is a nice little pitcher now :thumbsup:

    are there factors that could influence the size of pitchers produced e.g higher humidity for bigger pitchers, less food for bigger/or more pitchers?

    just wondering if i should still fertilize with tea now

  10. i have a rajah and mira

    to get them to produce pitchers, am I right in thinking that the humidity should be higher during the nights than the days, or does it not really matter?

    Currently the humidity is around 60% during the day and 80%+ at night.

    I could get it higher during the day if needed, but i give them more airflow during the daytime, which lowers the humidity

    since i got them in september they have been fine in these conditions, but obviously no pitchers in the winter

  11. Bought a bag of sphagnum moss today from homebase. it was an extra large bag for around £3.50, and it looked nice and green, and is bagged by tenax and is called hanging basket moss

    has anyone used this before?

    i got it to replace the top layer for my neps, as the other moss had got a horrible slime over it.

    anyway i got the new moss out of the bag, and it is a very strange green, almost a blueish green colour, looks like it has been dyed with colour

    it doesn't mention anything about dye on the packaging, just 'fresh s. moss harvested from managed renewable sources.....moss colour subject to variation'

    not really sure if i trust it now

  12. i have used tea a couple of times on neps since i started this thread

    my mira and rajah do certainly have a quick growth spurt - a new leaf quickly appears within days and gets bigger each day

    i still have no pitchers form though, just get to the point of looking like a small pitcher, then nothing happens :(

  13. just been reading up on using coffee as a fertilizer for neps, would decaf be ok or not?

    also, has anyone actually tried using tea instead of coffee?

    I use tea to water all my plants (apart from neps) once a week (i get a handful of used tea bags and put them in a jug of water for a couple of hours to let it brew nicely), and all the plants thrive with tea treatment. i have tried coffee on plants, but not got the same growth as i do with tea

  14. is nepenthes ephippiata an easy nep to keep?

    i have had mine for almost 2 months now and when i got it, it was around 6cm and had 3 leaves, plus 1 that had hadn't opened. since then the 3 leaves have died off, (that happened within the first couple of weeks) and the 1 that wasn't open still hasn't opened, and doesn't seem to of grown either.

    it shares a windowsill with a rajah and a mira, both of which are now opening their 2nd leaf since i got them (2 months ago with the ephippiata), which i think is good growth?

    all are grown in pond pots, lined with sphagnum moss, in the middle is a mix of 50/50 peat perlite and topped of with moss, i would say overall the mixture is 70% moss 15% peat, 15% perlite.

    the temps are upto 22 in the day, and around 10-15 at night


  15. is it a good idea to use heatmats with H/L neps that are on windowsills? on during the day, off at night

    i have used heatmats in the past for most plants and they always seem to look much better than before.

    I have also used heatmats with other C/P's with great results, but not neps

    many thanks

  16. I have decided to go for a mix of peat, perlite and sphagnum moss for my Neps, vft and cephalotus

    the moss that i am going to use is the New Zealand High Pressed Sphagnum moss that comes in a small brick, add water and it expands

    Has anyone used this type of moss?

    Are there any pros or cons for using this type of stuff?

    Is this dead stuff and will just stay brown or will it start to turn green? (sorry if that is a silly question :thumbsup: )

    just wondering if i should get some live moss to top off the pots


  17. hi

    i am waiting for my delivery of n. rajah, ephippiata, and truncata (Pasian h/L)

    i am finding it difficult to find peat, although i could go up to the moorland near where i live to get a little

    I have read on here that some people use just sphagnum moss with no peat or anything else, and also some mix moss with perlite depending on what plants they have.

    would the plants mentioned above be ok with just moss or mixed with perlite?

    I will be using pond baskets to pot them up