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  1. pretty nice news Marc can you cool 2 terrariums by just one styropor box ? is it enough ?
  2. OK Marc thanks for the answer just other two questions: how large is the terrarium ? what is the size of the tube whereby you move the air from the cool box to the terrarium ? what is the temperature of the styropor box when it warks ?
  3. nice and healthy plants!! could you explain how the cooling unit works ? How did you install it ? thanks :)
  4. should I make a repotting or just reduce the water ?
  5. I bought the plant already with the vase from wistuba so the soil is wistubas one (bark and moss) light and temp are ok ?
  6. there 're no mites. maybe is a cultivation condition
  7. hi guys I've some troubles with my inermis,it started to blacken the apex ! cultivation terms: minimum temperature: 6-8 celsius max temperature: 26-27 humidity: 40-80% light 300 led (24watt) any idea ? Uploaded with ImageShack.us thanks
  8. Amazing pics :) Have you any hurricane creek white clones for sale ?
  9. Hey guys I'm thinking to build a highland set up (for neps) inside a fridge but I'm afraid of the head lamps. can I use 2 T5 tube of 8watt both long 40 cm ? or a LED sistem but how and what led can i use ? any advice/critics ? thanks ps fridge size: 40x50x80cm
  10. great! let me know something about LED unit..like watt,volt,supply thanks
  11. yeah :) cool the hot side more than the cell works well :)
  12. hi greg great plant,especially high neps,good intermidiate inermis's pitchers..how do you keep it ? light ? temp ?
  13. Hi greg, no,I 've 12 only in the winther ( at night ). In the summer I get 30 at day and 25 at night in fact I'm very worried about summer,I don't know how to overcome it with my inermis ..... I think I'll give some fogger to cheer it ,any other advices ?
  14. yeah..I can not wait to see upper,I hope that there will be
  15. thanks everyone, I'm glad you like it ahahah no,never human meat,only RO wather,moss,bark,light and vary coooold at night
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