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  1. I wish more photos had been taken of the surrounding flora, as I found that aspect of the habitat extremely interesting. Different types of orchids, lilium, wild azalias, and fritillaria were everywhere. Serpentine soils pave the way for some really incredible plants.
  2. There is a lot to see in that part of the country. Here in the western USA, we're lucky to have so many designated national and state parks, with even more set aside for other purposes down the line. There is actually a fight to protect more of the wilderness around O'Brien from copper mines and such, which I sincerely hope works out, as the area is unquestionably unique in terms of native vegetation, Darlingtonia aside. Regarding all the protected land, different agencies oversee these, whether Bureau of Land Management, Forestry Service, Parks Services, etc., so you really do need a detailed map to know where you stand in this regard.
  3. Actually, what you're seeing is D. rotundifolia and, unfortunately, what has been confirmed as D. capensis. The latter has become a non-native competitor throughout certain sites in this region. I plan to remove them the next time I visit this site.
  4. That's a bit harsh. The odds of him potentially mixing up packages seems a lot more likely than him deliberately defrauding any of you and risking poor feedback on Ebay.
  5. Thanks, everyone. The plants were doing well, despite a very dry summer. With the exception of the small bog in Northern California, these are all growing in very dry environment, nearly always situated in or along the seepages of natural springs, or wherever these seepages fan out. It's very easy to see how the seeds flow down with the water, as is evident by the plants growing along ditches. The soil is a red, ultramafic clay. Laterite would be an excellent soil amendment for these. Not sure how full exactly, but they were well fed. I'd say as much as you'd expect from a Sarracenia.
  6. In June, my friend Scott and I went camping in Southern Oregon to explore the "mountain" populations of Darlingtonia. These photos are posted in reverse chronological order, starting towards the Kalmiopsis Wilderness where we went before we left, Northern California, and then back up to a site just south of O'Brien, OR (which is the first site we went to). It was a pretty enlightening experience overall, and something I recommend to anyone who happens to be around this area. All photos were taken by Scott and used with his permission.