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  1. Hi blocky this problem i have too but dont know why , but dont worry Plants start growing again
  2. Few years ago only for fun i do cold stratification and after 8 weeks put on substrate and nothing, now i bought few seeds and when arrived home put on the peat and 60-70% seeds start growing. I think never u get 100% germination seeds althought u have fresh seeds
  3. Great Dimi! And dont worry get time squat and growing very fast u saw my pics today ;-)
  4. Matty i have trifid but green color...
  5. one and half pitcher and he wrote rare extra large type
  6. dont move withm 1 year ago my ceph "dead" and looks like your in pics and few mounts kater started grow new leaves and living ....
  7. Yeha this red color is stuning
  8. poor quality sorry, im not photoshop expert but change pics. and i dont have digi camera pics take with my phone.
  9. Fischermans never i have wistuba green house :-D . I need home growing tips .
  10. Hi all i want buy edy and what is the best substrate and light. i want use sunlight on south balcone. Who grow this nice Neps and he can me get few good tip are welcome
  11. i know only only that on Ebay is crazy people and finish prize is maybe 250e but your choice and your money.
  12. I did not accuse u Stephan just my reasoning.... thats all....
  13. I think only one pics is avaible on ICPS.