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  1. Hi Mark, You have there some beautiful plants and your set up is amazing. I found this LED lights on ebayhttp://www.ebay.co.u...K-/310736468985 They work on 15W only do you think they are not good enough? Regards R
  2. Raci22


    Beautiful! Can you show the whole plant? R
  3. :-) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-21746237
  4. Hi there Doesn't P.casabitoana also growing in mountains of Haiti? On the other hand, hurricane can help to spread species to different places (mountains). But for the sake of saving(in case something goes wrong) these rare species (P.casabitoana, Cuban sp. etc.) they perhaps should be introduce to in vitro. I know that Mr. Temple did try in 90s, I think and it didn't work out unfortunately but now there are new techniques which may work better. Raci
  5. Hi there, is Pinguicula laxifolia in culture? Thank you and regards Raci
  6. Look at this one http://www.cpphotofi...ramosa-294.html Very similar to Algida if not same. Raci
  7. Hi Simon Do you think, can you share photo? Argentii in flower and in cultivation that is rare. Regards Raci
  8. Wow, that is biiiiiig Villosa! Good luck
  9. Hi there I would go for T5 lamps. I am using Arcadia Controler T5 lamps. The lights it self do not produce almost any heat. R.
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