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  1. Super sebulon system, how did you manage to twist the freezer part without fluid leaks? I rebuilt my system for my highland cold right now and I'll have to do the same thing as you, I would not make a stupidity ...
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    Hi Gael, also welcome on this forum.
  3. Hi welcome to the forum.
  4. Hello all, my name is Jimmy, I am making electronic music on MAO, I'm originally from Dieppe in Normandy and lives in Lille since 2008. I have discovered a passion for plants carnivorous too late for my taste 4 years ago with the purchase of a Dionaea muscipulla as many people.Short Time After my first terrarium was filled with nepenthes that have become my favorite plants. since that time I specialized in the highlands and intermediate forms with the help of a big terrarium and a small veranda. Here it is for just about everything with me and thank you to the moderators for this site found
  5. Congratulations beautiful babies, I would say the top left to chance. I put an option for an adoption exchange or via seeding my dispononibles: http://www.forumcarnivore.org/ftopic22688.php
  6. Hi, I present to you my little part of protected plants. N.sanguinéa "black beauty" N.sanguinea (the true). N.spectabilis (pangalubao). N.albomarginata red N.mirabilis x echinostoma N.ampullaria x sibuyensis N. (veitchii x lowi) x spectabilis pitcher 1 pitcher 2 which has just started N. veitchii ( veitchii x rokko) is beginning to take beautiful colors. N.glabrata Here is the result of the next issue...
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    Hello, my name is Jimmy, I'm 31, originally from Normandy in France and I live today Lille.Cela is already two years since I grow nepenthes and other carnivorous species is a passion that hit me on my first purchase of carnivorous plant: a Dionaea occure in "standard form". Since my passion has grown and it is stated in the culture of nepenthes. So much for my presentation, I hope that another French on this forum will not disturb you too and hope to share my passion with you. See you soon on another post for the presentation of my little protected plants. My post is available on another
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    Terrarium nepenthes n°1

    Cool highland terrarium type see through when the summer is hot.