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  1. ' Green Lizard ' has merged teeth. Is it the case of SchupN2? The traps are wider, more opened and more colored. 'Lézard vert' a des dents fusionnées. Est-ce le cas de SchupN2? les pièges sont plus larges, plus ouverts et plus colorés.
  2. vernon


  3. Deceitful character without morality, in the life as in the business.
  4. beautiful plant Alex
  5. vernon

    A trap

    Very nice pic.
  6. Beautiful plant! Why not ' Kaleïdoscope
  7. You can make this of a hand and suck up the substratum of other one (to avoid the scattering of spores). Then you can vaporize a fungicide. I also think that the conditions must be changed.