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  1. Nice plants, what camera did you use
  2. Could anyone out there supply me with adresses of growers of native british orchids. Thanks
  3. My psitticinias are outside all year round and not under cover. Growth wise, they seem to do do okay, I keep them in a small amount of water in winter. The pitchers are in good condition all year and have no problems with fungus. Feeding wise, I give them live crickets during the summer as they dont seem to catch much on their own
  4. Soil mix 70/30 peat and sand Kept in 4 inch [ I think] pots Tray method of watering, kept just damp in winter Garden is directly south facing so in full sun for nearly all of the day Kept outside nearly all year, occasionally get put on the shed windowsill if theres a hard frost forecast and if I remember to do it
  5. I find that Wilkinsons have a good stock of cheap square pots but only in the smaller sizes. I use the gravel trays from Homebase to stand them in. Tescos sell the same trays for soaking bbq grills during the summer.I managed to obtain a few half price at the end of summer.
  6. A friend has a large wrigleyana which I would like to get a division from. The plant has not been outdoors much. Is it too late to acclimatise it to colder temps so it goes into dormancy and is it safe to divide a plant thats not really dormant