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  1. Kubaa

    My nepenthes

    Hello, small update ;D N.flava N.hamata AW N.hamata BE N.aristolochioides N.jamban N.tenuis N.villosa small baby :) N.lowii I am waiting for bigger pitchers N.macrophylla AW N.campanulata N.lowiixcampanulata EP Regards
  2. Kubaa

    My nepenthes

    Thanks From Wistuba is only n.flava and bigger macrophylla:)
  3. Kubaa

    My nepenthes

    Spathulataxhamata Aristolochiodes Inermis Flava
  4. Kubaa

    Holiday pitchers

    Nice n. rajah and jacqu :)
  5. Kubaa

    My nepenthes

    Day 27C, night 23C N.macrophylla N.aristolochioides N.dubia Malea N.truncata Pasian N.lowiixveitchii
  6. Kubaa


    Nice pitchers, beautiful burbidgeae x edwardsiana :)
  7. Kubaa

    My nepenthes

    Only sphagnum moss
  8. Kubaa

    my neps

    Nice nepenthes, good luck ;)
  9. Kubaa

    My nepenthes

    No, all is in highland or lowland tank :)
  10. Kubaa

    My nepenthes

    New Photos N.villosa from seeds N.macrophylla N.jacquelineae N.flava N.inermis N.jamban N.aristolochioides N.spathulata x hamata N.lowii x campanulata N.ampullaria N.reinwardtiana
  11. Kubaa

    Broken N.dubia

    Some Photos: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/img1425ij.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/402/img1426nv.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/838/img1431yu.jpg/
  12. Kubaa

    Broken N.dubia

    I have a problem with my N. dubia. I have broken it by an accident 4 months ago.Plant is growing, but the germs are getting dark very fast so no pitchers at all. I think that I will cut the plant up to the point were it was damaged and root it again. What do U think guys ? Any ideas ? I will post some pictures tomorrow.
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