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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for the answers. now they are placed with lighting downwards, but areas of less light are formed (given the narrow radius of the LEDs); I wanted to wear them you have four inclined angles and back towards the center; but I wanted an opinion. the distance from the plants is 15 / 20cm. thank you so much Fabrizio
  2. LUMERI SPOT36-FSP these are the characteristics of the lamps: Type: LED Grow Lights Bulb Power: 36 W. LED type: 12 x SMD45 Electric consumption: 8 Watts Duration: 50,000 hours IP: IP44 Material: Aluminum Amplitude of illumination: 45 ° Red LED: 4 Blue LED: 5 White LED: 1 IR LED: 1 UV LED: 1 Connection: E27 Voltage: AC 100-240 V 50-60 Hz Certificates: CE, RoHS Dimensions: 122 x 125 mm. Weight: 0.35 kg Manual: English
  3. Goodmorning everyone, I wanted advice to make no mistake; I have a terrarium (measures 120x60x40) and I wanted to change lights, at the moment I have a 6400k e2700k led (two lamps per type). I bought bulbs always led for growth. I wanted to know where to place them to have a maximum yield (since compared you have normal LEDs have a narrower beam of light. I wait for advice and photos from those who already have similar systems. thank you so much Fabrizio
  4. fabrizio


    hi Fabrizio
  5. hello, thanks to everyone for the comments. I don't have them all, Argo88. Jeff, most of them have yellow throats, there is also a "pinguicula alpina" with a completely white flower but I only saw it in photos. thank you Fabrizio
  6. pinguicule alpine + alpine all red pinguicula poldini hi Fabrizio
  7. Hi how are you?
    I wanted to ask if you know who can have these temperate pinguicule, I'm interested in the divisions

    p. crystalline hirtifliora (Rossano Calabro)
    p. apuana
    p. Balkan
    p. grandiflora chinopetra
    p. rosea grandiflora
    p. pale grandiflora

    thanks fabrizio

    1. ada


      i might have some of these later in autumn

  8. Hello to all, as the title, I wanted to know who I did it and has, how to sow the seeds of drosera falconeri; and how to keep them once born, for the beautiful plants. thanks in advance for your advice. fabrizio
  9. fabrizio

    photo dionee

    hello , here is a bit of photos of my dionee. hi fabrizio :sun_bespectacled: af7 wiky purple trap clone F dracula dracula dracula fondue j.smiley j.smiley j.smiley k.m.s. k.m.s. littel devil littel devil scarlatine triton umgekrempelt umgekrempelt ungekrempelt werewolf werewolf x 11 :thank_you2: fabrizio
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