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  1. People have fantastic collections of Orchids ! Can someone put few pictures on the forum?
  2. Hi! Last night i read about Charles Darwin and his intrests about plants. Do you know any Darwin`s book what contains information of CP`s and Orchids? I also read that Darwin grow Orchids and he liked much of CP´s and Orchids. So i thinked that some book might contain information of these plants.
  3. Thanks for your answer! I put U.graminifolia to my list! Thanks !
  4. Okei, so i want to here advice`s and propotition to my nanoaquarium? Want cp`s i can grow in aquarium? Species must be tiny and easy to care off. Now there is only Pistia, but i want Aldrovanda vesiculosa. So, tell your idea?
  5. Hi again! I just noticed, that many people in her owns Orchids, so this kind of question. I have 6 Phalaenopsis hybrid`s and 1 Cattleya. So, how many different species of Orchids you have?
  6. Hi! I`m a 20 years old finish student. My hobbies are (nature)photographing, music, and of course carnivore plants, animals and nature. I have little collection of cp`s and other plants. I hope that i get much information and meet nice people. greenzone5
  7. Fantastic garden! So beatifull. I`m so jealous, becouse i live in Finland, that kind of garden doesen`t work .
  8. Thanks to both! Very intresting reading, thaks for the post! greenzone5
  9. Hello! I`m a new member on this forum. My question is, information for pre-historical and historical Carnivore plants? If someone have, example book or something information it would be nice if someone can tell name of books or web-sites? Every information is good. greenzone5
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