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  1. My collection is now 2 A.nidus, 2 Phlebodiums, unknown pellea and other unknown. I have to put photos about those unknowns if someone can id them.
  2. I`m collecting Syngonium species about a year. I have bought all my plants at garden shops, but i have watched pictures about very nice plants, example red leaves and other species than S.podyphyllum. My question is, where i can buy seeds? I havent found good web shop? Can anybody help? Other question is which species of Amorphophallus i can grow in room temparature at all year? As indoor plant?
  3. Ok. That is good idea, but winter. Can i keep winter inside in tank and summers in out? Is this hard plant, i mean if i move to outside and in, how the temparature? Is temparatures change bad?
  4. I`m thinking to buy few Heliamphoras, but the care is intresting. I have read that they need cold nights as Highland neps, how people here do this? Can i put plants in fridge to nights, or how? These plants are so nice, but they seem to be little difficult. Is somkind cooling systems ok?
  5. Ok. Thanks i have to take them to basement, is 0-10 C good for resting? Thanks!
  6. Nice plants! Where you grow them?
  7. Thanks! I have thinked to buy plantlight above the table, theres now one lamp, but its not too good. Summer i take my plants to greenhouse. That opuntia is now little better, that was very weak. Now it get more light and when i buy this another light, i hope that it would be ok. I have read that the resting period is not must, that the light will help, am i right?
  8. I have watched many topics and collections of cacti in here, great collections! Now i have thinked to post my own little collection. Few pics.
  9. Hi! What kind of conditions aldrovanda need? I`m working to setup where i can grow tropical water lilies and aquatic cp`s. I dont know anything about aldrovanda, so every info os needed. Can i grow in 20-40 aquarium, can i put example some little crabs to same aquarium? Example caridina or neocaridina? How the heat? Is room temparature good?
  10. Hi! Can someone put pics for his ferns to this topic? It can give inspiration to others. I can put later pics for my indoor ferns. Outdoor ferns... Finlands weather, ferns are little bad, but i can look if i find summer photos.
  11. Ok, thanks! This helped me a lot! I have to think that fridge system. My collection is little and they dont need much space, so that fridge would be good for a while... My greenhouse is too cold, even i have heater there. I have to think!
  12. Hi! I`m Nepenthes and Sarraenia grover and i live in Finland and my problem is what i do to my sarras when winter comes? Does sarras need little colder on winter, or can i putt more light? All my plants is indoor and this is tricky problem. I have putt some extra light to my cacti and they seems to like it. Can i do same to sarras? Many has said, that they have to keep on basement little colder, butt i have no basement. Any ideas?
  13. Hi! What species is good to aquarium? What aquatic species i can kept im my aquarium, water move is very little, so is this problem? I have no idea, so can you recommed some species?
  14. Is this kind of mini greenhouses good? Can there grow cp`s and other tropical plants? Please if someone has expierence or information its welcome?
  15. Have anyone here a member of British pteridological society? I`m thinked to join, but i have to ask can i join it, becouse i live in Finland? How it work? Thanks for the list johns! Maybe in summer i can change spores if someone wants?
  16. Hi! Have here many fern growers? I like this plants lot, i grow them as bromeliads same terrariums and vivariums as cp`s and orchids. Can you recommed easy and hardy species? I have Platycerium bifurcatum, Phlebodium sp. and Microsorum pteropus in aquarium.
  17. Beatifull plants and great setup! Those Vanda`s look amazing! What vanda is good to novice?
  18. Does anybody know, can i grow Tillands or Bromeliads for seeds? Is this hard as it is on Orchids? Where i can buy seeds, if this works?
  19. Hi! I have few of those Orchid pots, and my question is, can i grow cp`s on those pots? My plan was to put Pinguiculas for those. Information is welcome? If this kind of growing, i mean those see-through pots is hard/wrong, please send message? I dont want to kill my plants .
  20. I live in Middle-Finland near Jyväskylä .
  21. Wow , many great list and orchids! My own collection has grow little bit, my plants now: 11 Phalaeonopsis hybrids, 1 Dendrobium nobile, 1 Cattleya sp., 1 Paphiopedilum hybrid, 1 Miltonia hybrid and one that i havent id.
  22. Hi! I have few of this plants. My plants:Vriesea splendens , Guzmania dissitiflora x3 and Tillandsia cyanea. My question is, does anybody know where i can get book about Bromeliaceae? Does anybody know any book? If somebody know, please tell me the name of book or writer? How many different Bromeliaceae-plants people own?
  23. Hi! I have read about Tissue culture and it start to intrest me. How hard it is? Can you get living and healhty plants? How to start? What i have to buy and do? Idea`s and advices please?
  24. Thanks for the very quick answer! Ok, that book goes to my "must buy list" . I think that i read that Darwin grow Orchids. Darwin`s time Orchids were very popular and some kind of "trend" things. This is intresting thing, maybe somebody who knows better can tell the facts?
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