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  1. I wonder if I kept it too dry before watering it? Prior to watering it was a little wrinkled at its base. And about a week after watering it started to rot. Despite cutting the base off and a little later removing its new growing point at the top both shrivelled up quite rapidly.
  2. Thanks Richard. Hope it happens once things eventually calm down. I wouldn't have even minded that December trip you did a few years ago but couldn't make because of work. It would have been interesting to see how they overwinter their Neps.
  3. Obviously not at the moment and who knows whether business will be back to any form of normal next year. But I hope in due course that the CPS will be able to do another trip to Kew Gardens tropical private nurseries. Now I have more time on my hands from retirement I can actually manage Saturdays which I used to work on.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Might try again if I can locate a plant. Still learning...
  5. Thanks. But what about rotting off in the summer which is when I usually lose them including this one?
  6. I have over the years tried growing Huernia zebrina successfully but all end up rotting! My last attempt lasted a year grew and them rotted again. It was grown in a small pot with a mix of peat and over 50% or more of perlite. It was very free draining. I watered it roughly every 3 weeks in summer. And about 5 weeks or more in winter. It was on a sunny kitchen windowsill. Though attempts growing in my warm greenhouse over the years went the same way. I got it through last autumn/winter 2019/20 successfully and it had grown at its tip. But went downhill in October this year. Where am I going wrong?
  7. Is Kew Gardens still part of the CPS calendar?
  8. My front garden Sarracenia. Been growing them outside for over ten years now..
  9. I remember a few years ago going to a Kew open day where not many people turned up. But while waiting to go in a couple of the committe members who did not not introduce themselves but spent the whole time bad mouthing other committe members. Not a very impressived show! And had seen similar siturations at a CPS Reading meeting. Been in too many clubs and societies where Big Name members or organisers seemed to more important than the ordinary member... So hopefully any changes will be for the better not more of the same just with different people!
  10. Pity as it's useful to see if a person is active still or not! Oh well that's progress!
  11. Can you still search for particular members? In the old days there was a alphabetical list that you could click on. Can't find that or am I looking in the wrong place? cheers bill
  12. Any likely Kew visits this year? cheers bill
  13. I remember a few years ago they held an open day in December which alas I was unable to attend. But although a winter one might seem a bad time to hold one I for one would be interested to see the over wintering conditions that Kew use for example their Nepenthes collection. So even an out of season tour would be good. And if on a Sunday even better as I work Saturdays which makes getting one off a challenge! Which is why plenty of notice is also good. Thanks Richard..
  14. Have these stopped now or will the CPS being organising another one in the future? cheers bill
  15. Reawaking this thread I am wondering whether some of the Nepenthes rot issues I get where the stem rots at the base and the whole plant looks dehydrated is more caused by drying out rather than being too wet? An issue I constantly suffer from is finding plants dried out (to the point of wilting) Early on I used to think with neps that it encouraged a better root system. But now I wonder if the drying out actually damages the stem and allows it to partly die and them rot slowly takes over? Of course if I am wrong and I increase the watering they may rot anyway! But I do know that in sarracenia that I have accidently dried out, the rhizome often ends up going brown woody and dead, so it might be at least one of the reasons...
  16. I use RO water on my more valuable plants to help prevent problems- doesn't seem to be working! Some sort of fungus I guess.. Glad you like the profile photo! :)
  17. Thanks for the offer Mark. I have taken a few cuttings from one of its vines- though I never have much sucess during the winter period even in my tanks. But hopefully the mother plant will still be around in the spring. Found my recently repotted Hairy hamata going shrivelled and limp today! Cannot win either way at the moment. As most of the plant issues I have had were not helped by being in their compost too long. But I am always nervous about repotting if a plant is doing well. But decided to finally repot my hamata as its compost was certainly getting a bit old. Unpotted it in a bucket of water and the stem and roots looked ok and not damaged. Took great care repotting in a new mix and put it in a tank well clear of any problem plants. No new growth after a month and today gone wrinkled and limp! Wished I had left it alone now. But of course if it had gone down hill would have wished I had repotted it. Just cannot get beyond this root or more often stem rot issue. Plants look like they have dried up through lack of water- but the compost is wet. Seen it too many times now. And most of these plants are one offs which cannot be replaced. Particulary as BE seemed to have lost interest in species and that just leaves the micro plants of Wistuba. I think Nepenthes supply is going back to the early days a bit- few and far between. And when we are finally out of the EU- any imports from Europe will I expect be expensive to import again. And Heli are frustrating as well!
  18. Not sure. I haven't brought any new plants for some years now. But these losses started after the first of three bad (well for SE England anyway) winters in a row. The three winters that followed were milder but perhaps the damage was done? I am certain that if the plants only had summer type conditions all year round there would have been far fewer losses. The damage starts in the oldest part of the plant at the end of the stem where the roots emerge. And that part of the plant never gets replaced- only perhaps producing new basals from it. But would not rule out an imported infection. I am hoping my burkei I got from you a cutting will be ok as that is showing signs of damage at the moment. I took some cuttings but at this time of the year I rarely get freshly cut cuttings to root. Which heli did you get? Was that the only one you still had?
  19. As you know Mark from Facebook I am keeping my plants as warm as possible and they are still going yellow/black! Wish it was possible to go in reverse and deep freeze them and get them growing again in the spring! I am certain my issues lie with both the age of some of these plants and winters weakening them each year. And taking cuttings at this time of the year is hopeless as well even in my lit tanks.
  20. My current weather station which has been brillant is now showing signs of age. One of its remote sensors has started to show completely wrong temperatures and I fear the other sensors will eventually go the same way. Still it is 10 years or more old! Trouble is looking at the weather stations currently on offer most seem more gimmicky with "moon phase and cloud" icons. etc My current one offers 4 remote sensors which each come with remote cables as you can position the temperature sensor where you want. And the weather station shows the current temp and min/max of those 4 external areas along with the temperature of the station itself. It also has a min/max alarm. Any suggestions? cheers bill
  21. I have seen the tropical nursery listed for tours occasionally on the Kew web site. But the tour only lasts about 30 mins and gets booked up quickly. The CPS used to organise a visit their once a year where you have much more time and freedom to explore. But these open days seem to have dried up these last few years. I did a short video of their Nepenthes section which I filmed a few years ago now. Gives you an idea.. https://vimeo.com/52805473
  22. I hate tortrix moth. Not content with ruining one bit of a plant they go all over the place and usually end up in the growing point!! And I find certainly with nepenthes that the new growth remains stunted for quite some time suggesting it has got some poison in the plant from the caterpillar!!
  23. Did you buy your maxsea direct from the States? Or closer to home?
  24. I did actually enjoy Fear the walking dead and got through all series 1 yesterday! Another series I enjoyed was In the flesh. Disappointed it ended after two series.
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