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  1. Hello do you have Black widow for sale ? i want!

  2. Yes and a few other people also have it. I got mine from a member of the ICPS. A lot of the lovely Sarracenia hybrids we all have are from the USA originally but make their way over here somehow. On the forums I've come across many people in Europe and the UK who trade with growers across the pond which means we all get the chance to add them to our collections.
  3. Damien

    Pom pom mirror

    That's so unusual - how will it catch prey ?
  4. Just got two stunning plants - Sarracenia Blackberry Sundae and Raspberry Sundae but I can't seem to find what the cross is between. Any ideas ? Thanks
  5. I'm sure I can find some spares that I can send you.
  6. Hi guys, I need to grow a tree or a shrub that can get quite tall but it will have to be happy in a large pot. It needs to be evergreen aswell - any suggestions ?? I've tried a few shrubs but they don't do too well in the confines of a pot. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Like Ada said - if people don't tell the truth about what's in the parcel, plants will still be sent to and from Europe. No-one opens them to check. It's been happening for many years with the USA - lots of people are illegally trading plants with growers over there.
  8. Crikey, they are over £20 each already and I haven't bid yet
  9. They are from the 1980's - thanks for the info. I'll keep my eye on them and see how the bidding goes. It might be nice to add them to my little collection of CP books !
  10. Just noticed 2 of the Allen Lowrie drosera books for sale on Ebay - anyone know what would be a reasonable price to pay for them please ? Thanks
  11. I have used tap water lots of times and it's ok in an emergency.
  12. It will be a while - I have a single crown only.