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  1. we are entering autumn here any for some reason a few plants want to flower. im glad i have a hydrofogger now
  2. tap water for neps is fine they can tolerate almost anything. i suggest you just squeeze the pot untill the medie is loose and then take it to a tap and wash it off this will save the roots
  3. hey guys i was wondering does anyone know of nany cp species that can be found at upendi near brits? im going on an excursion in april with the university and i would like to see some if they are there
  4. that is a fungus infection and you havent noticed any ill effects yet
  5. you dont have root rot, ive seen this happen when i leave dead tendrils on my leaves
  6. not much here but ventricosas and petiolatas
  7. kevnep


    paul barden aka whimgrinder on the pitcherplantforum
  8. kevnep


    my friend has a burkei starting to flower
  9. kevnep


    i only have sibu x vent and sanguinea x truncata. paul on the other forum had a male tenuis in flower
  10. the pitcher died after shipping, pitchers almost always die after shipping so its nothing to worry about
  11. hey guys flowers ready in a few weeks
  12. maxima is more intermediate so keep temps around or above 10 degrees, maxima does require very bright light
  13. i would like some bokorensis and vogelli pollen for my vent x sibu