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  1. I found some lfs and will ad pumice to it to make it real airy
  2. will peat sand and pumice work with a n. maxim po dog if not what will with out lfs,or live moss?
  3. there is more sun in a south facing window in the fall than early summer in the northern hemishere
  4. wow what a difference
  5. might be best to try to grow drosera that come from Florida,they grow in temps around 50c during the summer
  6. same thing happened to me lost all its dew in shipping and the leaves dried up, but new ones are growing like 1 new one a day
  7. I have a few leave cuttings of drosera binita that are in distilled water and have strikes that are about 3/4 cm long when do I pot them in soil(peat/sand)?
  8. i lost some seedlings that way but all my plants are now getting 8 hours of strong sun and 6 hours under lights there growing like weeds
  9. WILL DO how long do I wait till I plant it in peat/sand
  10. i think it looks like that but smaller
  11. there still two small for me to get a picture with my camera ,maybe in a few days the will grow big enough
  12. I have some drosera binita x marston dragon leaves soaking in distilled water for around 2 weeks and now I see a few tiny green bumps are those strikes ? the ends of the leaves turned black but the middle 2 inchs are green,Its to small to get a picture of
  13. MICKEY

    Rice beetles

    has anyone ever try feeding rice beetles to large dews, they are fed to fish and frogs and are super easy to raise(just put them in a tube of whole wheat flour and they grow no water or feeding for like 6 months and they multiply by the thousand
  14. I have d.binita and d roseanna and can give them 12 hours of direct sunlight this time of year by moving them from my front deck to my back deck Is that to much sun?
  15. plastic window mini blinds make great labels
  16. glad your traps are doing great
  17. beautiful plants hope mine get that nice
  18. can you cross pollinate a D. binata Multifida Extreema with a d.binata Marston dragon
  19. very nice,congratulations