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  1. Hello Xavier, I sent you message that we will deal problems ... best regards, David
  2. Hello Xavier, I sent you message that we will deal problems ... best regards, David
  3. Hello, let me wish everyone a successful growing season. My short comments you can see below: Carambola: I'm still waiting for my Utricularia praelonga, David. Will you ever send it? It's only been about nine months... David: It is reasonable and logical If the client has received a refund (as mentioned - I've now won a complaint against via PayPal and received a full refund) to write about this old case still again? Only short info: I offered to send U. praelonga later additionaly .... Here is copy of my email: Hello , thank you for your message, please, I know ... I have problem with praelonga, so I could not send you it. I can refund you money, best regards, David (copies of emails can be sent as a PrintScreen copy to potential takers ...) Neverending story with praelonga for carambola and I strongly oppose against insults from carambola Especially for Carambola - I will not respond to your next misleading and incorrect messages. In this case, Paypal absolutely did not respect the seller's rights, the seller's costs, the business conditions and the actual situation where the client claimed an amount of 3 euros, but paypal refunded the full amount to the client. And this man has the courage to write about this case for almost a year ... cmyk255 This case is still unresolved, I'm waiting for the official statement of the delivery company. The client Rosemary Lee mentioned that consignments were not delivered to country of destination, I am waiting for the official information about consignments which have been sent to customer – it takes up to 90 days. She was informed about it. It is entirely legitimate and normal process - the client filed a complaint to me, I file a complaint with the shipping company. For objective resolution of the case we all have to wait for official information of shipping company. We now have proof that one shipment has been delivered, for more information we are waiting. In this case again, Paypal absolutely did not respect the seller's rights, the seller's costs, the business conditions and and time required for handling complaints, and paypal refunded the full amount to the client. This is totally incompetent decision, stupid and damaging to retailer, but it is unfortunately reality. I disagree with the misleading, incomplete and distorted information presented here by Rosemary Lee. When incompetent assessment of cases by PayPal the seller is not at all protected in cases, when the shipment is sent to the client, the client does not takeover consignment and requests the full refund. Seller is wasting time, money and goods - without any compensation. David Zimmerman To David we sent warmlike nepenthes when weather as soon as the weather was more friendly. If warmlike species are ordered in the winter season, the customer should expect to delay the shipment. Then I do not have to deal with unnecessary complaints. Unfortunately, I have to respond to unnecessary messages. This reaction from David we regret. David from Carnivoria
  4. I thank you all for sometimes more, sometimes less objective messages and comments. I will react to the views presented here, because it's important to me - each client's opinion is important. The delay or not to send of consignments was cause by the amount of orders that we have not been able to realize in the usual deadline. The same situation was with the response to emails, which I received up to 100 a day etc. Above that there I have been other problems in cultivation and others, but the client does not know it and the client should not be bothered by that, of course. And the vast majority of clients did not notice it, but not 100% of them. I do not know if everyone can do everything at 100%, but it can be a question of alibi only -J. I do not want to continue the message at this level, it might just be good if before everyone starts writing on the forum, thinks and considers his words. We solve all possibly problems with all our clients individually, for example by re-sending plants (including bonuses), by refunding money etc.. Richard - A shipment was sent or money was returned (as with all clients) Andy B52 – money was returned to clients with apology Mark Anderson - it was solved and we are in contact Carambola In this case, my client thanked me for the supplied NICE plants, but he introduced completely different information when complaining it on pay pal. If anything is tragic (or ridiculous, as he states) - then I think that. I, according to the rules of the system paypal, asked for the return of bad plants and confirmed the return of the whole amount. I did not received my bad plants to this day. And in this case, I replied to the client truthfully : "I think paypal refund you" – money - of course. Ham - it was solved - indeed, the process of obtaining an export permit is sometimes long in our country. SFLguy – plants have been sent repeatedly this is not in my power to keep all utricularias absolutely clean GRB Long communication, I I was still waiting for the client to confirm when to send the shipment. This case was long and with my mistake, all the money was returned immediately after the paypal dispute has been completed ("I am very sorry for this situation and complication, paypal is blocking money to you, I will refund you money, of course.regards, david") . I apologize again. It's a shame that clients only write about the problem, but they do not say that the problem was finally resolved. I find this unobjective (GRB). GRB and Carambola Is stated: I've now had an email asking me to close the dispute, so that the money can be refunded. The problem now is that if I close the dispute and a refund doesn't arrive, then I can't reopen it. So I'm going to let paypal settle this - if he wants he can email paypal about issuing a refund and they will close the dispute early. I don't think I am being too cynical; the trust has gone in this sale. Too much delaying and faff - if I were the seller, I'd be mortified and would have issued a refund well before now. I wonder how long this would have went on for if I hadn't emailed? It's already been 6 months since I placed the order. @Carambola - yeah, that sucks. It does seem pointless to ask for dead plants to be shipped around. I'm puzzled as to what is going on with this seller, to throw away what seems like several years building a business. It's not like CP enthusiasts are a gigantic group, and word will spread. David: This is about trust and credibility. I refund money to clients at all times. Thank you Joni, Ceel, Werds David
  5. Dear All, Even when you're trying to do the best always, not always succeed. I thank all of you who are presenting your opinions here. Sometimes the problem arises and I am trying to solve it in cooperation with the client. Sometimes more, sometimes less successfully - these cases are, fortunately, very little. Problem with N. jamban I remember very well, if it is of interest to you, see below: I do not know who it is Lepto - so I only mention the case of one client when this case may not be specifically about Lepto. - Customer Alexander M. ordered in 11/2015 N. jamban 12 - 14 cm in diameter, price 60 eur - On the page given A. M. for complaint you can see a photograph and discussion to sent plant - N. jamban (12 - 14 cm in diameter, price 60 eur) - As I could see pictures on the forum, the plant was immediately after transportation in very good condition (fresh colour, solid leaves, no symptoms of any disease or damages). - Consignment = plant was delivered 12. 11. 2015, customer submitted a complaint in April 2016 !!! I answered to customer: - I was thinking about the whole matter even more, I got the opinion that I did not make any mistake, plant you received was in excellent condition and larger than was ordered. I did not find a reason why I should be punished by sanctions and to refund the money for quality good. During the dispute on paypal i shall forward my views and facts, best regards, David From this time I received several emails from Alexander M. (please see copy of them below): 1) You greedy piece of sh**, if someone dies I will laugh like hell because you send plants that get damaged and then are an total a**hole. Wish you lots of cancer 2) I still wish you cancer and that someone kills your family in any way, car accident. I am not threatening you or your family. But i Wish very well, that your suffer for the rest of your life with dead relatives slowly dying of cancer, a car accident or any other accidents or illnesses that kill them making you sad. 3) Is someone in your family very sick? The worse he gets the more i will be happy with my whole heart, because it makes you suffer badly :) :) :) 4) First your falimy should die in a car accident and you die of cancer 5) Do you have children? Imagine them living in syria being tortured and then their heads slowly being cut off :) I would love if something like that happens, if you were the one who has to watch, and if they have your genes it would not be too sad any way... If the client had a problem with me, he had this deal with me. His reactions exceeded relationship of the seller / buyer. This case I gave to our authorities a client was convicted and penalized in my country. I am for all of you on [email protected], best regards, David from Carnivoria
  7. Dear All, I'm sorry that I did not respond earlier in the discussion and also did not comment on earlier and current reports on carnivoria eu. I wanted to give my new project time and I wanted to wait for the opinions and reactions of clients, enthusiasts etc. Today , after many positive reactions of many clients from many countries, let me briefly tell more detailed information about This small company was founded in 2011 in the Czech Republic. My name is David Svarc and I am lower and grower of plants. I grow carnivorous plants 22 years as a hobby (I work as an employee of various companies last 12 years). Currently I have in my collection about 1000 species, subspecies, varieties ... of plants from groups - tillandsia, succulents, orchids, carnivorous plants. If you want more information or to know the valid information to any topic concerning carnivoria or myself, please contact me - only me you get valid information without being affected by speculation, fabrications, false information, etc., as I have in the past from some sources and should also be here on CPUK registered by me. Good Growing, David.