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  1. Hi. Can anyone recommend a compression software? I have pics I want to add to my sales post but I can't get them down low enough.
  2. Yep it's NOLU :) I will have a list at some stage. I was going to sell the lot in one go, and may still do but someone may pop round in a few weeks to see what I have. After that, I'll make a list and pop it in the sales and wants. As I said above, I probably will keep a small handful. Just need to offload the majority.
  3. Kind of had but my family have been looking after the plants while I think what to do with them. Just can't get back in to them. It may be that I have too many away from home. Once I scale down, maybe I'll see if having just a few will do me. I still love the plants but taking care of them in my situation is quite a chore.
  4. I'll post in the sales or wants soon. It's around 50-60 sarracenia. I couldn't tell you what they are though. Quite are few have lost labels. I have been selling them in drips and drabs on ebay but I live in London and the plants are in Margate so bringing them back and forth is becoming a ball ache :)
  5. I'm still a full member. Ah a picture of one of my old VFT's as an avatar
  6. Hi. I was a member here from the start of the forum many years ago (15 maybe), but over time and with some life changing issues over the years, my passion for my plants ended some time ago. I'm hoping I can join here again so as to sell my collection to someone who would like 50-60 more plants than for me just to let them die/throw etc. I am still keen admitedly to keep 2-3 on my windowsil at home. Maybe even rejoining, I may find that passion again but I will be sellling my collection. So Hi :)
  7. Here is where I am with this now. I take it I cut the stem just below where the new plant is growing and pot it up?
  8. I always cut the stalk off before it can flower
  9. Paul O'Keeffe


    Well done Derek. Look forward to some pics.
  10. Never looked into fertilizers personally so don't know much about that subject but I grow a few neps on my windowsill and grow very well.
  11. My Utrics have all kinds of drosera growing in them from wayward seed. As they are youngish drosera and the roots aren't too long, I can lever them out carefully without harming the Utrics.
  12. Someone else has said the same Bob. I'll put it down to that :)
  13. To the level yes. December is when I cut them down. In the past they have looked unslightly hanging over the edge of the pot so a cut back sorts that out.
  14. Mine flower only because I'm not usually there when they do. I would cut those off though as the flowers to be aren't anything to write home about.
  15. They end up as weeds eventually. Seeds are the last thing I want :) There are other flowers waiting to open on that stalk so you will see it flower, plus they self seed. I have a couple of pots of capensis and each year I cut them back to the roots in Winter. By Spring they are back and not overgrowing the pot if I had left them alone.
  16. I only have the one (more to follow) but in the greenhouse it is looking amazing (avatar is one trap). It could be your growing conditions. As heather asked, where do you grow yours?
  17. They only open for short periods during the day depending on the sunlight. I actually cut the stalk off once it reaches a certain height so the damn thing won't seed
  18. Mine do seem fine but it just looks rather unslightly. Thanks.
  19. I'm about to split two pots of Darlingtonia but for a while now they seem to have these purple spots over them. Are they diseased or something else maybe? Thanks.
  20. She will be happy. Thanks for the reply :)
  21. My wife has a few Orchids that she bought last year and they seem happy enough but at the top of the stem where the flowers grew from, and after no signs of life up top in ages, there is now growing leaves that look identical although smaller than the leaves that grow at the foot of the stalk. Is this a good sign and should they just be left alone? I will try and take a picture soon if needed.
  22. Paul O'Keeffe

    Ant nests

    Never seen any of them flower to be honest
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