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  1. They end up as weeds eventually. Seeds are the last thing I want :) There are other flowers waiting to open on that stalk so you will see it flower, plus they self seed. I have a couple of pots of capensis and each year I cut them back to the roots in Winter. By Spring they are back and not overgrowing the pot if I had left them alone.
  2. I only have the one (more to follow) but in the greenhouse it is looking amazing (avatar is one trap). It could be your growing conditions. As heather asked, where do you grow yours?
  3. They only open for short periods during the day depending on the sunlight. I actually cut the stalk off once it reaches a certain height so the damn thing won't seed
  4. Mine do seem fine but it just looks rather unslightly. Thanks.
  5. I'm about to split two pots of Darlingtonia but for a while now they seem to have these purple spots over them. Are they diseased or something else maybe? Thanks.
  6. She will be happy. Thanks for the reply :)
  7. My wife has a few Orchids that she bought last year and they seem happy enough but at the top of the stem where the flowers grew from, and after no signs of life up top in ages, there is now growing leaves that look identical although smaller than the leaves that grow at the foot of the stalk. Is this a good sign and should they just be left alone? I will try and take a picture soon if needed.
  8. Paul O'Keeffe

    Ant nests

    Never seen any of them flower to be honest
  9. Paul O'Keeffe

    Ant nests

    I've been using tap water for my neps for over a year now here in London without any ill effects. quite handy for me considering I live in a 3rd floor flat :) Sorry - off topic
  10. I used a fungicide since posting my topic and has done the job. It does take a little while to clear up so be patient.
  11. Thanks Stephen. I have a bottle of Natures Answer which deals with powdery mildew so I'll give that a go.
  12. My longifolia has picked up some kind of fungus/disease and on some leaves, what looks like straight grooves that could well be some little critter having a munch. Are there any solutions to sorting my plant out please? Thanks :)
  13. Nice pics. I'm glad you mentioned Churchtown Carnivores. I sold them a plant earlier this year and possibly had some more for them but I lost their contact details.
  14. I use 100% live sphagnum moss in large terracotta plastic pots which do very well for me.
  15. I was given one just like the second link and find that the plastic is always ripping at the top and at about £6-8 a throw to replace it, I gave up on the thing.
  16. You have bloody big flies in Cheshire Great pics :)
  17. My aliciae took a bit of a battering a couple of years ago on a south facing windowsill. It also lost it's dew and turned a little red. Unfortunately it never recovered
  18. I've had my ventrata for 4 odd years and have never seen it flower yet some of my younger neps have.
  19. I wouldn't repot my nepenthes each year as they don't like having their roots disturbed from what I've seen. I've just repotted some of mine and quite a few of the older leaves have just died but the rest of the plants are still healthy. Like Aidan, my ventrata was sitting in the same soil since I bought it from a garden centre but only for about 5 years. The soil was looking rank so decieded for a repot. I have potted mine up in 100% pure sphagnum.