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  1. Welcome to the forums
  2. I had been away last week and it was very hot so it could be that it dried out. All other orchids were either not in flower or producing a spike whereas this was flowering. All watered yesterday. I like the video on watering. May need to do that next time we're away and it's hot.
  3. Hi, My profile is out of date. I'm trying to update it but I see the below message when I try to submit it.
  4. One of my orchids has flowered for the first time in over a year but the flowers have wilted a little after two weeks whereas my other orchids have flowered fine. What could be the cause of this please?
  5. Same as my Nep question, bright windowsill and I have a Drosera capensis Narrow leaf form Sundew already. I'd like to add some more so what would be best? No dormancy or cold options. Simple all year round Drosera.
  6. I'm in a flat and have nothing other than a bright windowsill. I have a Nepenthes x ventrata long tom but would like to add maybe one or two more. What would you suggest please?
  7. Can they be grown indoors and if so, easy to keep? Only found out about these last week when travelling to Gloucester.
  8. Welcome. I've got vinyl but from my DJ days in the 90's. Still have the decks too
  9. Welcome to the forums and look forward to reading more about your set up.
  10. I'm visiting this part of the UK in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone knows of any places where CP's grow in the wild? Planning on doing walks during the week so would be nice to see any on my travels. r
  11. Jeez. I posted this in 2004 and guess what... I'm still in the same job although I do run the department now. Now known as Warner Media. Looking back as some of the old names here. Some still around and others have moved on.
  12. Welcome Bongy. Have you got a good sized collection in that greenhouse?
  13. Always a bonus to learn from your efforts.
  14. Think you maybe short of one more plant Great set up. Looks super cool
  15. Hi, So after a few years off and a sudden urge, I've now not three plants. Just like how it started 20 odd years ago. I am now limited to my flat only and have no access to a garden or greenhouse so for now, I've got - Pinguicula Guatemala Drosera capensis Narrow leaf form Sundew Nepenthes x ventrata long tom My only other option is a terrarium but slow and steady. Water also an issue. I'm having to buy water from Halfords. Again, no access to a good source of rain water. I could put a bucket outside when it chucks it down but I'm in South London...it could well get nicked :) Anyhoo, lets see how I get on. I still have all my books to swot up on. Completely forgot about no tap water (which I haven't used). Gosh how it all disappears from the mind :)
  16. Had more luck with http://www.imageoptimizer.net/Pages/Home.aspx Thanks.
  17. I can't save as JPEG. Just gimp or a couple of other options. Looked at a tutorial on Youtube but the list of ways to save isn't coming up for me.
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