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  1. I love cycling but not when it's either raining or windy, which is most of Winter and Summer hasn't been amazing either. I bought a smart trainer back in Feb and love using it for indoor racing and general racing with a club. Just wondered if anyone else uses Zwift?
  2. After a few years away from the CP game, I'll have the grand total of 12 plants soon I think that will be it as I really am cramming everything in to a small place but I'll make the room. As I'm in a second floor flat in London, I do catch the odd fly to freeze briefly before feeding. Thankfully we don't get too much insect action here so when I do see a fly enter the flat, I give chase with my cup and card
  3. Nice set up Guy. If only I had the room but I'm in a flat so I can't venture too far with plants.
  4. I should add that I currently have N Ventrata long tom and a Pinguicula Guatemala Incoming this week are - Pinguicula agnata P.cyclosecta P . x Tina P. x Wesser That is how I'm watering those. Other pings or neps may require different ways to water in terms of sitting in water etc.
  5. For the Drosera Aliciae, sit in water until the colder months and then keep damp. My Nep and Ping(s) I don't sit in water. My pings are small so I do water gently from above to the side of the post but once the leaves are too big to do so, for now I'll sit in water until the pot feels heavy and then pour the water away for use later in a container. Nep I do water from the top. I can do this twice a week at the moment, again feeling if the pot is lighter. Another option to keep your plants damp which I'm looking into is this -
  6. Drosera Aliciae sounds good on a south facing windowsill. I only have the one ping but will buy four more this week. I keep the one I have by a shader window and so far so good but would be good to know if south is fine. The rest will join it. The Nep may need more sun but I'll let the experts say so. Mine is also south but the sun is higher so doesn't get the full blast. I've never misted and have not had issues with my Nentrata long tom so far or in the past.
  7. Thanks both. I've had those in the past but in a greenhouse. Probably not the Binata but the other suggestion would work. I was looking also at a Drosera spatulata Sundew VFT I thought would need a harsher dormancy but having a read about them, a cold place indoors over winter will do. May go down that road after all
  8. Welcome to the forums
  9. I had been away last week and it was very hot so it could be that it dried out. All other orchids were either not in flower or producing a spike whereas this was flowering. All watered yesterday. I like the video on watering. May need to do that next time we're away and it's hot.
  10. Hi, My profile is out of date. I'm trying to update it but I see the below message when I try to submit it.
  11. One of my orchids has flowered for the first time in over a year but the flowers have wilted a little after two weeks whereas my other orchids have flowered fine. What could be the cause of this please?
  12. Same as my Nep question, bright windowsill and I have a Drosera capensis Narrow leaf form Sundew already. I'd like to add some more so what would be best? No dormancy or cold options. Simple all year round Drosera.
  13. I'm in a flat and have nothing other than a bright windowsill. I have a Nepenthes x ventrata long tom but would like to add maybe one or two more. What would you suggest please?
  14. Can they be grown indoors and if so, easy to keep? Only found out about these last week when travelling to Gloucester.
  15. Welcome. I've got vinyl but from my DJ days in the 90's. Still have the decks too
  16. Paul O'Keeffe


    Welcome aboard
  17. Welcome to the forums and look forward to reading more about your set up.
  18. I'm visiting this part of the UK in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone knows of any places where CP's grow in the wild? Planning on doing walks during the week so would be nice to see any on my travels. r
  19. Jeez. I posted this in 2004 and guess what... I'm still in the same job although I do run the department now. Now known as Warner Media. Looking back as some of the old names here. Some still around and others have moved on.
  20. Welcome Bongy. Have you got a good sized collection in that greenhouse?
  21. Always a bonus to learn from your efforts.