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  1. Very nice. I do like the Heli
  2. I Raindah and welcome. What CP's do you have?
  3. Nope. I'm in the same boat. Can you upload again BB?
  4. How much water does your humidifier drink a day Greg?
  5. I forgot to say, I do like your Neps. I have the Ventrata and the Gaya is in my basket but I was also looking at lowii x ventricosa so I may pick these up as well. Assuming you got these from Hampshire Carnivores?
  6. I've signed up. Amazing price
  7. I've just looked up Spotless. I have two near me. I take it you can sign up for personal use as it's asking for a company name when registering.
  8. That's a little more like what I'm after T. I like that
  9. I thought not about the Brittas filter but thought to ask. I'll have a look at the RO option then. I thought they had to be plumbed in and became part of the furniture in the kitchen. Anything like that I stay away from but if it's an easy option, I'll look more in to it. Thanks Magnus.
  10. Living in a flat, my only option is to buy de-ionised. I'm renting so a reverse osmosis water filter isn't doable but it's a question on standard filter water like a Brittas filter for example. Can the water from a filtered jug be used or best not to?
  11. It's trying to get as far away as possible from the main plant Thanks and I will keep a close eye on it.
  12. Probably too early to tell unless someone does know but I do like surprises (nice ones) growing in the pot. This is in my D. Slackii pot.
  13. Welcome to the forum Rorcaid
  14. Has anyone used this company for their CP's?
  15. Thanks Guy. Looking for more of an individual stand to sit on the current stand I have. I will keep looking for the one
  16. I'm after some idea's on how to raise my Neps but not by hanging baskets. Even some kind of floor stand that could potentially hold 4 max but as you can see from my effort, it's looks rather naff.
  17. Good to know. I'm planning on purchasing a scorpioides but I'm in a flat so can only grow indoors.
  18. Great pics. I'm toying with getting a Drosera scorpioides.
  19. I've noticed another plant with Utric leaves. Saves me buying the plant. I'd rather sow seed than dig a small chunk out.
  20. Hi Ashii. Picked up a Wesser last week so hope to do leaf cuttings in the future
  21. Thanks Kisscool. Maybe I'll be able to dig them out at some point to pot up in it's own pot.
  22. Hi, Got some plants today and these are in one of my pots. The plant is D Esterhuyseniae x Slackii but I'm pretty sure these are old flowers of that plant.