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  1. Paul O'Keeffe

    ebay neps

    Hi Janice. All my Neps are highland which don't mind the warm days and cool nights. I live on the third floor and it is pretty warm here most days. All sit on a south facing windowsill with the curtain raised to get plenty of sunlight. I also don't mist them and to be honest, I've found them the easiest to grow out of all the plants that I grow.
  2. Do you have a picture of dielsiana Matt?
  3. Seedwise I new to it all. I've sowed sarra seeds and drosera in seeds trays but when they germinate, there isn't that much room for the seedlings to grow. In future I will sow seeds in pots and space the seeds out to give them the room if they do germinate. One of those things you learn :)
  4. Paul O'Keeffe

    ebay neps

    We started the year with just the one nep but my girlfriend is fasinated by them and has started a small collection on our windowsill. We now have 11 Neps with one to follow which may not sound like a lot, but it takes up most of the room in our flat now :)
  5. I recieved some dielsiana seeds this year. I kept them in the fridge to keep them fresh but I don't think they need stratification. I sowed mine in a seed tray(which I will never do again) on a 50/50 peat sand mix during the summer and had a very high success rate. I have since moved them to a 4" pot of 3:1 peat/perlite where they are doing well.
  6. Paul O'Keeffe

    ebay neps

    Well done Colin. A bargin:)
  7. Paul O'Keeffe

    ebay neps

    Seems like every home will have one soon
  8. I like to pot my Neps up in 100% live sphagnum moss.
  9. I'll try and take a picture tonight of my cutting to show you.
  10. It will grow upwards. I thought nothing was happening but waited until this weekend when I saw the tiny pitchers next to the leaf. Just hang in there and be patient :)
  11. I tried leaf cuttings for the first time this year. I pulled two leaves off and stuck them into the soil where the adult plant was growing. One leaf died within a couple of weeks but the other didn't and about two months later(which was this weekend) I discovered tiny pitchers growing. Don't pull the leaf out. If the leaf stays healthy looking then you should be fine.
  12. Not my binita but maybe next year. Hope so anyway
  13. Out of my small collection of drosera's, capensis for me :)
  14. Paul O'Keeffe

    D alicae

    Mine were fine in 3:1 peat perlite :)
  15. I've just had a flower open up today on my oreophila x flava maxima with a flower stalk about 1.5" tall. It looks rather sweet :)
  16. Where did you get them from?
  17. I missed out on those neps again. I just saw a tray of typical garden centre plants in kew for sale.
  18. I'll be going to Kew in a couple of weeks. Not been for a few years. Always an enjoyable day there with an excellent CP stand :)
  19. I've never used it and and have lost nothing :)
  20. Don't really mind what they have caught. As long as they are catching insects them I'm not too bothered :)
  21. I've used 3:1 peat perlite or more often, live sphagnum with the highland neps that I have. All are doing fine right now. Can't help you with your request. Sorry.
  22. Emi(who is very shy in appearing on the forum) also lives in London.