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  1. 11 hours ago, Jonny O said:

    @Paul O'Keeffe

    Thank you for the offer. I am happy to be growing a range of plants. I've managed to get some drosera capensis seeds but some scorpiodes would be great. I'll DM you with the details. Very happy to pay for postage too.

    I'm so glad I've found this forum full of welcoming generous souls.




    Hi Jon,

    My Plant that I harvested the Gemmae from and the new growth. Plant is from - https://www.hccarnivorousplants.co.uk/collections/drosera-pygmy-species/products/drosera-scorpioides


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  2. I believe the CPS are a little stretched and they do work as volunteers so patience is a virtue. I have some drosera scorpioides Gemmae I can spare. It's my first time harvesting so they may or may not work but I can send 10 Gemmae if you'd like to try. They do take root after a few weeks.  planted some recently and most are growing.

    Welcome by the way :)

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