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  1. Talking of water, I go to for my water. I don't have many plants so I fill up four 5 litre bottles once a month or longer when it's colder which costs me 84p a go.
  2. Hi Fang, It may take a while. All the CPS guys do this in their spare time and I believe they are stretched in terms of people. Someone from the CPS should be able to let you know here soon.
  3. Hi Jon, My Plant that I harvested the Gemmae from and the new growth. Plant is from -
  4. I believe the CPS are a little stretched and they do work as volunteers so patience is a virtue. I have some drosera scorpioides Gemmae I can spare. It's my first time harvesting so they may or may not work but I can send 10 Gemmae if you'd like to try. They do take root after a few weeks. planted some recently and most are growing. Welcome by the way :)
  5. This company is very cheap to buy water from 67p for for 16L of water.
  6. It's never easy to stop adding to your collection. Welcome to the forums
  7. Hi Sam and welcome
  8. Looking very healthy and awesome
  9. Just had a thought that they sent my pack out for Paul O'Keeke which isn't my name. See what they say.
  10. I don't get much junk but I have had a look and nothing shows up. I think I may have joined at the 'wrong' time. I may have not been registered yet. It was 2-3 weeks when I joined. I'll mail them.
  11. I've only recently joined and I've got the Spring issue. Has the Autumn issue been sent out yet or is that soon?
  12. Got my pack on Saturday. All good so thanks. Just need to change my name as it's wrong. O'Keeke
  13. I have four flower spikes but this is the first one to open so should look good in the coming week.
  14. I have the narrow leaf and alba but the mini rosette is very nice to look at.
  15. I was thinking along the same line but thought to ask just in case indoor growing may throw up something different but I'll go with that.
  16. Got a fabulous Heli from Nigel Hewitt-Cooper. Pitchers are empty of water so simply top up with distilled water but how much water? As much as it can take or a small amount in the bottom?