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  1. I have four flower spikes but this is the first one to open so should look good in the coming week.
  2. I have the narrow leaf and alba but the mini rosette is very nice to look at.
  3. I was thinking along the same line but thought to ask just in case indoor growing may throw up something different but I'll go with that.
  4. Got a fabulous Heli from Nigel Hewitt-Cooper. Pitchers are empty of water so simply top up with distilled water but how much water? As much as it can take or a small amount in the bottom?
  5. I don't have many myself but out of the one's I do have, I like the Cuneifolia Large Form. I haven't seen it flower yet but like the fold of the leave over moths etc.
  6. Nice tips Sedumzz. I got 5 today. Not too much to look at yet hopefully they will al burst into flower soon.
  7. Thanks @dennisB I will watch and wait. I was hoping it would be something very simple.
  8. Just curious on how and when a Pygmy produces Gemmae? I was watching a video on someone's collection of Drosera and he said if you want Gemmae, let the plant dry out a little in the summer time. Another online page said 'If the plants are getting sufficient seasonal light cues they will produce gemmae in the late fall and early winter'. Both were from the US so how and when in the UK is the time for a pygmy to produce Gemmae and how do you encourage it to do so?
  9. I actually don't know. I've bought a £20 selection from Hewitt-Cooper Carnivorous Plants so he'll pick 5 of his choice to send. Almost certain to receive Utricularia bisquamata "Betty's Bay" but I'll have to wait and see.
  10. Welcome Wort. I've grown just a couple of utrics in the past but have I have five on order, also for windowsills.
  11. Signed up. Email from Paypal confirming payment. New Members. We aim to send out our New Member Packs and membership numbers within 2 - 3 weeks.
  12. Hi @Richard Bunn I'm having the same issue so I'll message you my updated profile info.
  13. I was thinking of joining the society. Are there things happening, or not happening?