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  1. Yeah that's the one!! Ladybirds eat them, but can't seem to find any at the moment!! Also you can drown them apparently. I know VFTs are ok underwater temporarily, how do Sundews cope?
  2. Recently, I have been getting really bad lice, up the stalk of the flowering Sundews. These lice go onto my VFTs and onto other Sundews. Hate them they have brought some plants to their knees before. I have always sprayed the plant with soapy water to get rid of them, but seems to do a lot of harm to the plant (especially Sundews). Anybody have any other ways of getting rid, or preventing it happening in the first place? Thanks
  3. Tother week, we came home and our (not greenhouse, plastic-y poly thing 5ft high, greenish) with all my plants in, had been blown over by the wind. I went spare. So gutting when you put in so many hours looking after you plants and something, essentially, or at least pretty much out of your control ruins it, is very upsetting. Currently livid at little lice on my VFTs and Sundews. Heartache never stops!!
  4. WOW - they are some amazing pictures. Never seen any Carnivorous plants in the wild, so I find that pretty awesome!!
  5. The weather we have at the moment is absolutely pathetic. I am so angry with the weather!! Thankfully I have a plastic greenhouse thingy and they are thriving in there. Wind did wipe it out a few weeks ago, caused some damage to plants, broke some flowers, but at least they come back strong.
  6. Hi, I have signed up here months (maybe years) ago, never really been active, but I do really plan to. Loving it at the moment, with my plants mainly being healthy, especially the Sundews, going absolutely wild. I am in NW UK, pretty near Lancaster, weather is pants, so got them all in a plastic small greenhouse thingy. Anyway hi, and I hope I can learn from you guys!! headless