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  1. I have an idea! Get a nepenthes pitcher plant and call it Geoff!

    Btw, I agree with a few of your music choices.

    Haha funny you should say that i bought a Nepenthes Alata today its only young though has a lot of growing to do =D

  2. What sort of music are you into?

    umm all sorts, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Pink, Seether, Staind, Crossfade, Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, The Killers that kinda stuff lol

  3. Hello and welcome!

    If I may ask, why Lance? It is a good name for a VFT, but a little odd...

    Hey thank you, haha not sure really, i tried to grow a VFT and Pitcher Plant and thought i would name them Lance and Julian but neither of them grew i kept going at them for well over a year but nothing happened so i bought a VFT instead and thought i would name it Lance, just quite liked it really i guess =P

  4. Hey guys im new, just thought i would drop by and introduce myself, im Sarah been collecting CPs since last june my first was a Venus fly trap who i decided to name Lance hence my screen name, kept him alive over winter and hes now split into 4 plants =D and i now have 7 others =D