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  1. I wouldnt say so, they dont get into full growth until the start of June, i recently repotted two Sarracenias and a Venus Fly Trap about a week or two ago so you should be fine, but if your unsure its probably best to leave them, i do have a few which need seperating but didnt get round to doing it this year so im going to leave it until next spring =)
  2. I bought two tickets two weeks ago =D me and my boyfriend are going so excited can't wait been looking for something like this since i started which was only last year but can't wait =D we are going on the 2nd should be good =D
  3. ah cool oki will do next time i go shopping =D ive got a big bucket outside in vane hope of catching a bit of rain as well, so far not doing so well lol
  4. Nah unfortunatly i dont think we do, the only bottled water im aware of that is sold here is like evian and that sort of stuff unless thats distilled
  5. Ah ok cool, thanks, =D ive been using a brita filter its what ive used for the past year or so until the filter ran out but my VFT that i used it on is doing fine its grown back and attempted to grow 4 flowers but i cut them off, so it doesnt seem to have done any harm to it. My pitcher is in the conservatory with all my others now so its getting good light all day and i spray them twice a day to increase the humidity all my others are doing great, so hopefully a bit more tlc with it will bring it back round =D
  6. Thanks for all the help =D is reverse osmosis filtered water?? thats what i was giving them before but then my filter died so ive been using cool boiled water for a few days also the compost i have to repot my plants in is zero nutrient sphagnum moss peat with added perlite and vermiculite is that ok?
  7. Thanks for the help guys =D it lives in my conservatory along with all my other plants, and i give them all cold boiled water seeing as we haven't had any rain for the last month and a half and i do spray them all regularly so hopefully it will pick up =D all of my others are doing fine its just this one unfortunately.
  8. Sorry if the pictures are a bit huge =P
  9. Hi guys was wondering if you could give me a bit of help =) i have a Sarracenia i bought it on the 12/04/11ive been watching it for a few weeks and it doesnt seem right but maybe im just paranoid lol anyway heres a photo of it from the day i bought it and heres a photo that i took of it today does anyone else think that it might be sick? i can't see any botrytis on it so i don't know if there is something wrong with it or not, any suggestions? much appreciated =D Sarah x
  10. Haha funny you should say that i bought a Nepenthes Alata today its only young though has a lot of growing to do =D
  11. First lot of rain we have had in nearly 2 months =P

  12. umm all sorts, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Pink, Seether, Staind, Crossfade, Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, The Killers that kinda stuff lol
  13. From the album: My Carnivorous Plants

    © Sarah2901

  14. Haha thank you, no i dont talk to it lol just liked the idea of giving it a name =P
  15. Just treated herself to a new Sarracenia =D though not gunna buy anymore now for a while gotta save my money for EEE 2011 and London =P July gunna be a busy month

  16. Hehe thank you =D i like to give my plants personality though i haven't named all of them cause it would be too hard to keep up with them =P
  17. Hey thank you, haha not sure really, i tried to grow a VFT and Pitcher Plant and thought i would name them Lance and Julian but neither of them grew i kept going at them for well over a year but nothing happened so i bought a VFT instead and thought i would name it Lance, just quite liked it really i guess =P
  18. Very tired, just been and voted, and also got a new stand for my plants =D

  19. VFTLance <3


    Hey guys im new, just thought i would drop by and introduce myself, im Sarah been collecting CPs since last june my first was a Venus fly trap who i decided to name Lance hence my screen name, kept him alive over winter and hes now split into 4 plants =D and i now have 7 others =D