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  1. oki cool thanks, ive just been submerging it in water for the past hour or so which seems to have significantly reduced the amount of bugs on the plant i will keep an eye on it and repeat this i think until i dont see bugs appearing anymore, hopefully it will work ive heard it works for greenfly so thought i would give it a go

  2. Hi guys i would really appreciate some help, Ive just got home and found lots of tiny black bugs on my Venus fly trap, they're so small that the traps cant catch them, i would upload a picture but my camera isn't good enough to pick them up, they look like they have little antennas and round bodies, if anyone knows what they are and what i should do about them i would be grateful for the advice, i have moved the plant away from the rest of my plants so they don't spread in case they are harmful.

    Thanks Sarah

  3. ok thanks, some of them havent flowered yet it seems to be going one ever day or so =D at the minute the flowers that have closed up have sort of curled into like a tight point ill try and get a picture up later =P

  4. Hi guys, i have a bit of a query, recently we've had some rather hot weather, all my CPs live together in my conservatory, the other day i went out and it was pretty dull and looked like it may rain so i left them in the conservatory but, when i got back i found one of my Sarracenias looking a bit ill i think its been burnt by the sun as while i was out it got really hot, my D.Capensis also looked as though it may have suffered too but this is now looking ok whereas my Sarra is not looking so great. Unfortunatly i also had 4 baby Pings growing in the conservatory and 3 of these have died because of the heat =( i still have one though which is looking great, i just wondered if you could tell me if it is sun burn my Sarra is suffering with and what i could do to get it better again thanks, ive posted some links to my pictures apologies for them being a bit blurry my cameras not too great =)


    Links to my photos:





  5. Hi guys, i woke up this morning to find that my D.Aliciae had flowered =D Ive been waiting ages for it to flower its been very exciting as this is the first of my CPs to flower cause i didn't let my VFT flower this year. I thought i would share my photos with you =D took them this morning, its been fun watching the storks grow and the seeing the petals starting to poke through the bud and now its finally flowered and looks lovely, my hard work has paid off =D

    Hope you enjoy them as much as i have, cause the flower has closed now already =(

    Here's the links directly to my photos:




  6. Hi

    the tickets arrived from Chester Zoo on Saturday (2 months late!). They will be posted on Tuesday.

    If you haven't got yours booked yet please get the booking to me as soon as you can. Full details on the EEE website www.EEE2011.co.uk. If you are expecting tickets and they don't arrive by the end of the week please email me at [email protected]

    If you just turn up on the day you will have to pay the normal entry fee of £16 (£32 for the 2 days). Any CP Society member worldwide can get a £7.50 ticket entitling you to entry on both days and non members for £13.50 (both are slightly more if you pay by PayPal).

    The society really needs as many people with an interest in CPs to come to this event to make it the success it deserves to be. So please get your bookings in.


    Dennis Balsdon

    Yay!! look forward to getting mine =D i ordered 2 one for me and one for my boyfriend gunna be so much fun can't wait =D

  7. Guys i was also wondering if you could identify my plant, i have a good idea of what i think it is but still not 100% certain =D Thanks for all the help ive now repotted it and its looking as though is starting to pick up =D

  8. I wouldnt say so, they dont get into full growth until the start of June, i recently repotted two Sarracenias and a Venus Fly Trap about a week or two ago so you should be fine, but if your unsure its probably best to leave them, i do have a few which need seperating but didnt get round to doing it this year so im going to leave it until next spring =)

  9. Hi all

    Things are starting to move at pace and the CPS is busy putting together the final arrangements. Members of any CP Society can now pay by PayPal by visiting our EEE site:


    The Zoo will be issuing us the weekend ticket for us to send out shortly. The delay has been down to further negotiations on the concessionary tickets. The Zoo were looking for one day only concessionary tickets, but we wanted weekend tickets (one for the price of two). Registration tickets are already weekend tickets. I'm glad to say that they have agreed to our request.

    Weekend concessionary tickets for non-cps members are amazing value and are very important to us as they help pay for our event costs which are very high (win win), so please help us by encouraging their uptake where you can. If you are a non-CP Society member reading this, don't miss out or find yourself paying the full Zoo gate fee on the day (same goes for other tickets).

    If you haven't already PLEASE BUY YOUR OWN TICKETS ASAP to give us as much time to process them and get them out to you before the event. Dennis is dealing with the bookings and as a one-man-band on this, needs them as early as possible. It would also be great to see you on the boat trip.

    REMEMBER you can't get any of these tickets on the day (Registration or Concessionary), they must be purchased in good time before from us.

    If any of your feel you are lacking any information on the EEE at this time, please make a post and we will fill in the blanks.

    My best wishes to you all


    I bought two tickets two weeks ago =D me and my boyfriend are going so excited can't wait been looking for something like this since i started which was only last year but can't wait =D we are going on the 2nd should be good =D

  10. Hi VFTLance

    Be careful, filtered water is not neccessarily the same as RO, and demineralised water, what sort of filter was it?

    Otherwise I agree with Phil and the others it could be scorched by the sun having come from a shaded upbringing, if so it will right itself soon and the new pitchers will show the true colours, if it is getting sufficient light, and the water defintiely needs to be rainwater, distilled or RO.



    Ah ok cool, thanks, =D ive been using a brita filter its what ive used for the past year or so until the filter ran out but my VFT that i used it on is doing fine its grown back and attempted to grow 4 flowers but i cut them off, so it doesnt seem to have done any harm to it. My pitcher is in the conservatory with all my others now so its getting good light all day and i spray them twice a day to increase the humidity all my others are doing great, so hopefully a bit more tlc with it will bring it back round =D

  11. Thanks for all the help =D is reverse osmosis filtered water?? thats what i was giving them before but then my filter died so ive been using cool boiled water for a few days

    also the compost i have to repot my plants in is zero nutrient sphagnum moss peat with added perlite and vermiculite is that ok?

  12. Thanks for the help guys =D it lives in my conservatory along with all my other plants, and i give them all cold boiled water seeing as we haven't had any rain for the last month and a half and i do spray them all regularly so hopefully it will pick up =D all of my others are doing fine its just this one unfortunately.

  13. Hi guys was wondering if you could give me a bit of help =) i have a Sarracenia i bought it on the 12/04/11ive been watching it for a few weeks and it doesnt seem right but maybe im just paranoid lol anyway heres a photo of it from the day i bought it


    and heres a photo that i took of it today


    does anyone else think that it might be sick? i can't see any botrytis on it so i don't know if there is something wrong with it or not, any suggestions?

    much appreciated =D Sarah x