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  1. I have 2 ones quite mature, and in my conservatory which gets pretty cold, the others a baby sharing a pot with a sundew and outside, bad idea on the sundews behalf but neither of my Cobra lilys have stopped growing this year, and my Purps have been growing new pitchers for the last week or so noticed some pretty big ones already, theyre outside too but it just shows how much of a mild winter its been, ive had to battle fungus a lot this year too cause of it
  2. That is pretty cool, i had no idea you could use tea to fertilize plants! can you use it on other CPs or just Neps? i have 2 Alatas and a Spectabilis, could i use it on them??
  3. Paypal are incredibly secure so making transactions with them should be pretty straight forward once you have it all set up (which doesnt take long), ive been using Paypal since i got my Ebay account about 4 years ago and i to was very wary of electronic transactions, but, as long as you don't reply to emails claiming to be from Paypal and they are asking you for things such as your bank details, account information e.g. email address and password then you are pretty much guaranteed to have stress free transactions, Paypal never send emails asking for that kind of information so if you do recieve one ignore it and report it to them straight away and they will deal with the situation and send out a notice to other customers warning them. Keep us posted when you're planning to sell, as i would be very interested in buying some =) although sorry to hear you're selling up =)
  4. Hi Guys, So i'm going to the Brecon Beacons in July for a week with NickR and i wondered if anyone has ever been there looking for CPs as i know that they grow there and does anyone have any tips on the best way to find them as it would be wonderful to find some, were going to try at least hehe. If we find any i'll be sure to take lots of pics and post them on here when we get back. So if anyone has any previous experience in finding them here or any tips on how to find them please feel free to share, and yes im very aware that the Beacons are massive but still we will try and find some hehe
  5. VFTLance <3

    DSC 0126

    If you live in the United states that can be arranged. I happen to have a very nice little mature plant with 20 + growths growing as we speak. This is a micro Miniature Orchid the growths stay below 2". Or maybe we can even do a trade. Do you have any cool cultivar s of V.F.T.?That is so cool =D Unfortunately i live in the UK =( i don't have many different cultivars of VFT at the minute, just got a spider and royal red and another which im not sure about but the traps on it are pretty huge think i measured one and it was about 4cm =D but i have only been collecting for about a year and a bit, wish i lived in the states so i could buy one off you i love it =P
  6. VFTLance <3

    DSC 0126

    That is beautiful! Where did you get it? I would love one like this
  7. Looks nothing like this now =P
  8. I'll be there again Mike =D excited already, will probably be with Nick and my parents again =D
  9. Good idea =D thanks for that, i bought some fish food flakes to feed to my other sundews, didn't think to give any to these =D
  10. Haha thank you =D these are the first CPs ive successfully grown from seed and i have loads more to grow too, gunna have fun separating all them when they get bigger =P
  11. Hi guys =D not posted for ages but thought i would show you a pic of my hard work =D i planted lots of D.Aliciae seeds on the 21st of September 2011, heres what they look like now 3 months on =D The photo was taken on the 02/01/12, ive been growing them on my living room windowsill under a cut up plastic bottle =D I will update this post every month now i think with new pictures showing their progress =D Enjoy
  12. Would it be possible to cover your plants in fungicide and then put them in the freezer? as i only have a small fridge and its been a very warm winter so far, im already battling fungus on some of my plants cause of how warm and damp its been, theyre even outside this year, i usually keep them in my conservatory but its just way too warm in there this winter
  13. ah oki thanks, should i bring the parent plant in too then?
  14. i have what i think to be some incredibly tiny D.Aliciae seedlings which i just noticed today, theyre currently in my conservatory with all my other plants such as the parent plant and others, should i bring them into the house during winter as it gets quite cold in there or will they be ok? Sarah
  15. Thanks for a great day Mike, we really enjoyed our very first open day & my mom even bought her very first CP =D Sarah & Nick
  16. Yeah mine are in my conservatory which gets mostly direct sun too, im going to try putting them outside next spring/summer as they did have pretty nice colouring this spring/summer, i also have a little VFT seedling in with one of my others which im going to try putting in pine needles as we have plenty of them around where i live, give this experiment a go see if i can make it work =D
  17. Mantrid and Mobile i think both your plants look amazing =D Mantrid especially the VFT in pot A that colouring is just beautiful =D wish my VFTs would colour like that =P Davion no offence but why do you have to question everything, no one here is competing its just a bit of experimental fun, also your posts are incredibly hard to read =)
  18. Aaah cool, see thats what i love learn something new every day =P
  19. Ah oki cool that is wonderful one less thing to worry about =) thanks guys
  20. So it won't die as my conservatory does drop into the minus' in the winter
  21. So it has been a year of learning for me and also a year of building my collection, ive gone from one Venus Fly Trap to 26 individual plants many of which need to be seperated next spring, and as winter slowly aproaches i start to think more about what has to go where and what care everything needs but, there is still one thing in my collection that i know nothing about and that is my box of live sphagnum moss, i got this with my N.Spectabilis, which is doing nicely =) as is my moss, i have it planted in a carnivorous plant soil mix (just a generic one from a garden centre but my plants and apparently my moss love it) it lives in my conservatory with all my other plants but i have no idea what i have to do with it over winter, my conservatory gets very cold which is great for dormancy but what i want to know is do i leave the moss in the conservatory or should i bring it in my house where it is warmer?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks =)