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  1. Light levels and age both play a part in the colour they take on. Don't water the plant until the new 'leaves' have replaced the old ones .....this may not be until late spring early summer in the UK and then water them and let them dry out before watering again. Each 'head' should only have one set of living leaves.

    Oki cool thanks for the advice =D

  2. O , very nice idea about digital thermometer :) , because i use just simple thermometer, and they not very good i think :) .

    And how much humidity they show for you? :) Are you get it from eBay? :) Can you make picture of your greenhouse? :)

    Hehe yeah, i have a simple thermometer in my propagator which works just fine for now, it shows up to 100% humidity i think its currently at about 60-80%, yeah i got it off Ebay think it only cost me about £5, yeah sure ill take a picture of it in a bit when it stop raining and ill post it on here =D

    This is the thermometer that i bought off Ebay it says indoor but works just fine in my greenhouse =D


  3. What about you greenhouse zip cover, are he always closed ? :)

    P.s. I put our food outside in garden , to put plants in fridge :) :biggrin:

    Haha that sounds like a good idea i might start moving the food outside =P not sure what my parents would think though hehe probably wouldnt be too happy =P

    Its closed most of the time but sometimes i open it during the day, ive never left it open overnight though. Do you open yours?

  4. Alright i see :) , but what you doing for example if temperature outside in night go lower than -8 and you wanna bring plants back? Where is temperature around 18? Still putting them inside or leave outside? :rainingsmile:

    Ive been leaving my dormant ones outside, even when it gets as low as -8 my VFTs are now starting to come back so they seem to have survived very well and my sarras are already throwing new pitchers up so looks like its gunna be a good year =D

  5. Hey =D

    Welcome back =D

    I leave for uni this year hopefully, not looking forward to leaving my plants =( might take a couple with me, me and NickR are looking to get a place together near the uni so hopefully i will be able to take them all with me =D fortunately i trust my mom with mine, ive left her to look after them for a few weekends last year so shes been stacking up the skills and experience, hehe

  6. i think if you brought them in and there was a massive temperature difference then yeah it probably would shock them and harm them, not sure though but from what ive read on here that seems to be the case that you should try to bring the plants in when the temperatures inside and out are similar, but the temperature is meant to be going up the end of this week so if you wanted to bring them in that would probably be the best time, mine have all survived the really low temperatures that we had this winter and the even lower ones we had last winter. I only ever put my Neps outside when i can guarantee that its going to be warm and that they wont get too cold, the rest of the time they live inside so the transferring of them in and out doesn't effect them as they only go out in the warm sunny weather =)

  7. To stop my greenhouse from blowing over i rested some bricks along the bottom 3 poles, but mine is also in a corner so its quite sheltered from the wind by my house and conservatory.

    I think most can as long as the weather is pretty mild or warm i plan to move all mine outside for the summer including my Neps, ive never grown any of mine outside before so im just sort of experimenting to see if they like it. I had to move most of my collection outside this winter so they could get cold enough, my collection is VFTs, Cobra Lilys, Sarras, Neps and Sundews. i think most will cope with living outside in the UK as long as the ones that require slightly warmer temperatures stay warm enough and if it starts to get cold id bring things like Neps and Sundews in as i discovered this year my Sundews don't like the cold =P hope this helps, im still quite a beginner so im still learning too =P

  8. I have one of them =D came in handy this winter cause it wasn't cold enough in my conservatory, im thinking about moving them all outside permanently cause my collection is getting a little big for the house =P and we get loads of sun in our garden. They should work just as good as a normal greenhouse cause the plastic cover will absorb and trap heat quite well

  9. Hello everybody!

    I hear from few peoples, that in United Kingdom, Drosera plants don`t fall in winter dormacy, but all my drosera plants currently sleeping/rest . How did you can explaine that? Or i don`t understand something :flag_of_truce:

    This is a link for all my plants what i have https://picasaweb.google.com/109338132694114290545 ; you can see Drosera Capensis, Spathulata, Rutundifolia, Capensis 'alba' , Alicia.

    My Drosera weren't happy, ive lost 2 this year my other one i kept inside cause its still young, definitely won't be putting any of my Drosera outside next year was a hard lesson =P

  10. I only grow one Lithop and this skin shedding shows a completely different colour. I use a very open mix, consisting of crushed hydroleca, diatomaceous earth based cat litter, grit and a little peat/loam based compost.


    oooh thats lovely what type is it?? hehe yeah mines just got the leaves starting to show on the inside so this is its first shedding since ive had it hence why i was a little confused by the colour change in its current leaves, the new leaves inside also look green so i guess that it may just stay green now =)

  11. Oh, if it's cactus soil I guess it's ok. Looked like peat. :whistling: If it's already 1 year old I guess it's happy in that soil. But yeah, sounds like you know what you're doing, so don't listen to me. :yes: If you have more species I'd love to see photos of them. Have you been able to flower any?

    Hehe i does look a little like peat, now Nick mentions it....hmmm. hehe im just sort of going with it and seeing what happens really all i know is not to over water them let them dry out a lot so i don't really have much knowledge of them really hehe. I only have the one now unfortunately but i am going to be buying lots more this year so i will post lots of pictures of them =D nope havent managed to get it to flower yet hopefully it will this year will have to wait and see =P

  12. I've grown some Lithops, and more than often failed miserably with them. Currently I have 1 plant remaining, but I think it's gonna rot away like all of them before that. :rolleyes:

    The colour change (dark brown to green) might be because of lack of light, or maybe just because of the new growth season it has just started.

    By the way, don't you think you should change it away from the peat to a more sandy mix? I'm no expert, but aren't they gonna rot in peat?

    I had another which i accidentally fried in my conservatory on a very hot day almost lost some CPs with it but i managed to rescue them, i thought it may have been lack of light also seeing as we are just coming out of winter here, ill just have to see if it goes brown again in the summer =P

    Its in peat? i thought it was in cacti soil, i have no idea but it doesnt seem to mind it whatever its in, hehe its been growing really well and i can see the new leaves inside it ive had it almost a year. ive had experience with sand mixes with my CPs and i dont think sand suits my growing conditions very well, living in the UK it gets very wet and bogged down and just seems way to heavy a mix, i use pre mixed soil that i buy from a local garden centre and my plants seem to love it especially my Purps, i only repotted one last spring/summer and it had already out grown its pot again by december =P

  13. Hi guys, just a little question i have, has anyone ever had a Lithops that has changed colour during the growing season, and i don't mean had new leaves come through that are a different colour i mean like actually go from one colour to another???

    This is what it looks like now, 19.02.12


    This is what it looked like when i bought it, 23.05.12


    It is the same plant believe it or not =D no idea how it went from very brown to rather green, feel free to post suggestions

  14. Heres an update on my little seedlings, i tried the fish food approach, it caused a little bit of mold which i have now got rid of =D and they're looking as good as ever despite losing a couple, think i will just let them grow for a bit before i feed them, i have moved them into my heated propagator though so hopefully that will bring them on a little faster now =D


    This photo was taken at the end of Jan =P still growing pretty slow but hopefully being in my propagator will speed them up =D

    Also does anyone have any advice on when i should start splitting these up??