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  1. Hi guys im looking for a little advice on D.Regia, what types of fertiliser are safe to use? and which are the best ones to use? also when is the best time to start fertilising it? Thanks in advance Sarah
  2. Hehe no worries, yep hopefully =D
  3. I turned 22 in January 267 months old! I'm amazed at how many young people there are on here!
  4. I'm experimenting with this too, Mike King told me how to do it last year at his open day but unfortunately between then and now ive totally forgot =/ however i have just cut the stem off and just inserted it into the pot, i haven't buried it or anything just left the top part sticking out of the soil, not sure if i was supposed to use rooting powder or anything though, so i guess ill just have to wait and see if it works =P
  5. I Use a Fujifilm FinePix S2950 =D Got it last Christmas and I love it =D
  6. Awesome! i have some Ceph seeds, none of them have germinated yet though, theyre in CP soil inside a propagater which is on most of the day no signs of life yet though =\ not sure if they will as its the first time ive tryed to grow them but i live in hope =P
  7. Hey, Cool =) not much really most of my plants have now woke up but ive moved them back in the house cause we got a big drop in temperature and had some snow recently!! I will be moving them back outside again soon though =)
  8. This is so very cool =D i will make sure to spread the word on Monday =D
  9. Hi Guys, little update =P My Lithops is doing great, i can see the new leaves inside it very well now and it looks like its about ready to split open =D can't wait to see what they properly look like hehe =D My Lithops as it looks now, photo taken on 28.03.12
  10. They are awesome =D how long did they take to germinate?? also do you have any advice, i planted some Ceph seeds about a week or so ago any tips to help me get the best germination results?? im keeping them in a heated propagator =)
  11. Sooo wish i was going =( went to Chester last year and it was the first EEE i went to it was amazing, wish i could go this year =( anyone know where its going to be next year??
  12. Hehe cool, it says that its minus 70 in the day?? or 70% humidity?? if it says -70 degrees C then that can't be right, you may have set it up wrong, i think my boyfriend set mine up for me or my dad i can't remember but mine does say quite high humidity during the day, take a picture of it and put it on here =)
  13. Hehe i shall call it that then from now on =D Thanks =) hoping it will come back just as nice in spring =D
  14. Hehe thanks, i just spray them every day and give them lots of sun, they get it a lot on that windowsill =D i just hope that it pitchers a lot more in spring and summer =D
  15. ooh cool thats awesome thank you =D
  16. Hehe i rescued it from my local garden centre it was in the bin trolley at the end of the season so i bought it, its only pitchered once for me since ive had it but it looks loads better than when i first got it =) hehe yeah they are rather strange thats why i like them =D
  17. Hehe thanks, the plants at the back that you can see closest to the Windows are Amaryllis, on the tray i have a Drosera Aliciae, Nepenthes Spectabilis, my other two Nepenthes are Alata i think, and the little plant at the front is my Lithops =D
  18. Cool thank you, i had a sneaking suspicion it was some kind of Leucophylla hybrid =)
  19. Hey heres some pics of my Greenhouse and one pic of the plants that im keeping indoors =D My plants inside the Greenhouse, side on picture =) Inside my Greenhouse =) Full view of my Greenhouse My indoor plants =D Hehe just as promised =D
  20. Hi guys i was just wondering if you could ID this for me, i bought it from a nursery along with a Ping last year and never got round to asking for its ID =) I'm aware that it may just be a random hybrid =D but thought i would ask anyway =)
  21. Yeah still using a Brita filter for now but will be buying a water butt in spring hopefully =)
  22. Wow! after reading this i decided to have a look at the quality of my local water on south staffs website.....im shocked its roughly 200ppm i will definitely be reconsidering my watering, thanks for this post guys you've probably saved my plants...
  23. Ive been using it for over a year, my plants are still completely fine =D i am saving up for a water butt though =P