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  1. Nice to come back to this topic after over a year =D, i will post a pic of my Lithops now as i still have it growing nice and strong indoors along with 9 others =D
  2. Awesome, i shall have to get some then =D Thank you =)
  3. Thank you =) I'm hoping so, i recently moved my greenhouse to the top of my garden where its sunny pretty much all day and gets very warm inside so i'm hoping that will help the growth a bit more =)
  4. Hi, sorry to jump in but i've been looking to get some compost in bigger bags, is this the Moorland Gold which you were recommending? http://www.organiccatalogue.com/p494/MOORLAND-GOLD-40-Litre/product_info.html Thanks, Sarah
  5. Hi Guys! Cause its been such a lovely day today I've been out taking lots of pics of my plants and just thought i would share a few with you =) Enjoy! (Not Carnivorous i know, but I've noticed quite a few of you grow Lithops alongside your CPS so thought i would share =P) This is the VFT that gave me my forumn name =P Lance, hes not looking so great at the minute but im hoping he will pick up soon, any idea why? I've only had my Heli for 5 months but im very happy with its progress at the minute =D the last one i had died suddenly and i was pretty gutted so couldn't resist getting a new one =P Thats all for now =P Sorry they're so large, i have no idea how to make them smaller =P Hope you liked my plants =) Sarah
  6. Yeah thats the one =) Awesome, i hate that waiting part at the beginning, thinking i hope it doesn't die, then its always really rewarding once they start pitchering =D Me too, i will always rescue at least one plant if i have the money, luckily ive just finished uni for the year so have plenty for rescuing =P I just need to decide where to put my new one, cause if it is what Marlon suggested its going to need a bit of extra care cause if im right thats a lowland species? unless ive gotten mixed up, it will most likely have to live outside in my greenhouse =)
  7. Likewise, i rescued a N x Ventrata from my local garden centre in Tamworth, it was in the trolley of plants to be thrown out, it hadn't got any pitchers and all the leaves were growing straight up so it obviously hadn't had any sunlight, i got it for £1.99 and now it lives on my living room window sill looking beautiful and healthy, i've had it almost a year and it pitchers wonderfully for me =D
  8. Ah oki, thank you, i will probably leave it a few weeks then have a look, so is it most likely an N. X hookeriana. like Marlon suggested?
  9. Yep i know, ive been to this one a few times, they usually have some nice plants but ive never seen a Nep like this there before and i couldn't just leave it there =P
  10. Hi guys, Haven't posted in a long time i know but i am still here reading all the posts =) I wondered if anyone could give me some help, i bought this Nep today from Shenstone garden centre, it was labelled as an Alata, which it clearly isn't, it has multiple plants in the pot also, and last time i tried to seperate a Nep i ended up killing the smaller one, can anyone also give me any advice on the best way of dividing it please? Here are some pics of it, any help on ID and Division would be greatly appreciated =) Sorry the pics are so big, not sure how to make them smaller =P Sarah
  11. Hi guys! Thanks for the advice, i think i will probably try and collect some snow from my garden we have hardly any but we are expecting some tomorrow so hopefully i'll be able to collect more =) I will have a look at all of the suggestions =) storing some water in the house sounds like a good option wish i'd have thought of it before this sudden freeze, but nevermind at least i know for next year =D Thank you Sarah
  12. Ok so i haven't posted in ages as i have been very busy with uni =P but i have still been here watching and reading =P Today i went outside to check my plants, its currently -2*C in my greenhouse and -3*C outside, i have a slight problem though.....my 100ltr waterbutt is frozen solid....i was totally unprepared for this because the temperature drop was pretty sudden as it wasn't frozen at the beginning of the week. Anyone got any idea how i could unfreeze it without cracking the plastic? and how i could prevent this from happening again?? I'm completely shocked, was not expecting to go out and find a giant ice lolly! Also on the water front what can i use to water my plants with in the meantime? i have a few indoors which are not dormant i.e. Heliamphora, Nepenthes etc. Thanks in advance =) Sarah
  13. Yay!! Excited!!! i can now start planning my visit!
  14. I tried this last winter, it didn't go well at all, unfortunately mine died, as did my partners aliciae and capensis, i would advise to just keep it in the house during winter don't let it go dormant =)
  15. Me too =/ I have mine in a heated propagator, still no signs of life, i also have Ceph seeds and Darlingtonia seeds none of them are showing any signs yet =( however, 3 of my pots of Drosera seeds are doing great =P looks like i have a few little forests =P
  16. I always feel sorry for the CPs in places like that, i rescued a Nep from the bargain trolley last year, it was going to get thrown out =/ its now doing great and looking loads more healthy, when i bought it the leaves had all grown straight up with no pitchers due to lack of light and it was a very pale greeny/yellow colour, its now looking a nice healthy green with a lovely tint of red to the leaves =D
  17. Rightyo thanks for all the advice =D i will have a shop around and see what i can get =D
  18. Ah right, fair enough, i will be growing mine in a very bright conservatory it gets a lot of sun pretty much all day and then when it warms up a bit i will be moving them outside =)
  19. Fair enough, i have 20 seeds so i plan to try a bit of both, 10 unfertilised & unheated, the other 10 fertilised with extra heat see how it goes and which ones grow best i think =)
  20. Well yeah i guess there is always that, but, from what ive researched it helps the plant to be fertilised, as a lot of young Regias die from lack of food so i figured the best way is to fertilise them til theyre big enough to catch stuff
  21. ah right cool, is that stuff expensive? or quite cheap, also do you use the same 3 litres of water over a long period of time or all in one go?? might seem like a silly question hehe but i still consider myself to be a bit of a newbie at this stuff, especially when it comes to fertilising and i don't wanna get it wrong =P also do you think slow release pellets would do the job? or would i be better off using a water based fertiliser Sarah
  22. Thanks so much for the advice guys =D my seed arrived today so heres hoping i get me some pretty Regias =D
  23. Thanks for the help guys =)