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About Me

Hey I'm Sarah, 21 years old from the UK, i love Carnivorous plants and have eighteen of them in total, been collecting them since June 2010, my first ever one was a Venus fly trap who i named Lance, he survived his first winter with me and has now split into 4 plants =D, went to EEE 2011 in Chester =D it was brilliant.

I also enjoy gaming, photography, music, TV, films, drawing, web design, 3D modelling, Clay modelling and am currently at college doing a course in 3D and Game Design.

Current Collection:

5 Venus Fly Traps (D.Muscipula x3, D.Muscipula Royal Red, D.Muscipula Spider)

4 Sundews (one D.Capensis alba-cape white form, D.Aliciae, D.Anglica, D.Capensis Red Form)

7 Pitcher Plants (one S.Leucophylla hybrid, S.Purpurea ssp Purpurea x2, S.Flava hybrid, S.Purpurea Venosa, S.Leucophylla White and Red form, S.Psittacina)

2 Butterworts (P.Weser)

3 Nepenthes (N.Alata x Ventrata x2, N.Spectabilis)

1 Heliamphora (H.Minor x Nutans)

2 Cobra Lilly (Darlingtonia Californica)