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  1. Its currently sitting on kitchen windowsill should i cut the leggy growth off if so how much and should i feed it with anything?
  2. I go back to work at oxfam next tuesday 1-3pm i will be there every tuesday afternoon

  3. Dads just ruined garden chopped top off my rasberries so they wont fruit this year dug up my runner beans and my clematis moved my big palm tree why can he not leave things alone

  4. two weeks today i will be at raf waddington airshow

  5. I will put it in the garden with my hanging baskets somwhere sunny
  6. Bought dad two grapevines for the garden arch he has built himself

  7. In town with mum & dad

  8. Looking forward to england game on itv1 tonight who else is watching match?


    I agree with this report it says to be british you should

    Be christian

    Speak english

    British ancestry

    It also says the imigrants should be banned for claiming benefits for 3 years to stop benefit tourists

  10. on eBay they sell this compost
  11. My plant should look like this above but instead it looks like this below its got no traps how do i get it to produce trap's???
  12. 18 day's to go until waddington airshow

  13. We have football on here.