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  1. The still young but starting to produce some basal. When they will be bigger I will do cuttings ;)
  2. Drosera : nidiformis fleur binata var.multifida prolifera Dionaea "Australian Red Rosetted" "Uk Sawtooth I" "La Grosse à Guigui" "Sawtooth" "Coq Couché" "Clone K1" "Gap Tooth"
  3. After 1 year of acclimatation and 5 days to fully open that is my first pitcher of tenuis :bounce: ampullaria 'Dark Tricolor' rafflesiana freshly open, become white with time
  4. i really like your Heliamphora heterodoxa X ionasii!!
  5. After the rain the sun come back, so pictures too! Dionaea : "F12" not lucky! "Pink Venus Cupped' "Uk Sawtooth I" error trap "Sunrise" "Dracula" "Trichterfalle" "B52 x G16" a table Sarracenia (leucophylla X (x popei)) x oreophila "Dave Taylor Clone" "Crimson Queen" x moorei "Black and White" leucophylla "Giant Red/White pitchers" Mobile Contry,Alabama Drosera binata var.multifida
  6. New pitcher on H.heterodoxa 'Gran Sabana'
  7. Dionaea "G14" "Coquillage" qui est la première a fleurir chez moi :) "Dracula" "Space" "Wacky Trap" "Mirror" Bad tripped flower "Schuppentiel II" "Uk Sawtooth II" "Sunrise "Dentate X11" "Microdent" "Umgekrempelt" "Moon Trap" "SL0011" "Bec de Lièvre" "Coq Couché" My raff starting to have a small nice size pitcher :)
  8. The smell of summer is comming Drosera binata var.multifida cuneifolia Sarracenia Nice seedlings (3years ) 'Leah Wilkerson' x Alata 'Black Tube' oreophila "Sand Moutain" x leucophylla "Purple and White, Giant Form" Rout 71, Atlanta, Florida x Moorei (leucophylla "Purple and White,Giant Form" Rout 71 Altha, Florida x flava var.rubricorpora Milton, Florida) and the others flava 'Goldie' x Moorei "Black and White" 'French Kiss"
  9. Taken today :) leucophylla "Giant Red/White Pitchers" x "Carnilandia" "Basmati" "FTS Crimson Sawtooth" "Red Shark Teeth" "Akai Ryu" "Pink Venus" "Dentate X11" "Coq Couchée" "Dracula" "Sawtooth" "Uk Sawtooth I" elle est énorme "Trichterfalle" "Bec de Lièvre" "Umgekrempelt"
  10. Take this picture today : Very thin tooth on "Fine Tooth x Red Clone I" "Uk Sawtooth I" already fat "Bec de Lièvre" "Sawtooth x Piranha" "Schuppentiel II" "Red Shark Teeth" "Coq Couché" S.leucophylla "Red-Pink" open my his flower, i'm in love with this bloody red :drunken: That's all for today ;)
  11. Dionaea "Basmati" [/url] "Red Piranha" "Bohemian Garnet" "FTS Crimson Sawtooth" "Clone F12" "Red Shark Teeth" "Weinrot" "SL0011" "FTS Shogun Star" "Uk Sawtooth I" "Bristel Tooth" "Dentate X11" "Moon Trap" "Trichterfalle" "Belzebùb"
  12. Few picture taken today Sarracenia : flava var.rubricorpora [/url] ! x Moorei "Black and White" x "Gentleman" flava var.rugelii x leucophylla H13 Mike King x "Carnilandia" "French Kiss" making me pink flower this year S.oreophila "Sand Moutain" x leucophylla "Purple and White, Giant Form" Rout 71, Atlanta, Florida Hybride numéro 2
  13. Sarracenia's starting to open flowers!!! :D 'Goldie' var.rubricorpora
  14. flava var. rubricorpora 'French Kiss' flava 'Godie' 8) Heliamphora ciliata heterodoxa 'Gran Sabana' Nepenthes rafflesiana Old pitcher New one New one at home :) veitchii (Murud) x (northiana x veitchii (Bario)) reinwardtiana seedling And I finally took time to put my Platycerium on a bark of cork First pitcher on my Malaysia gracilis And H.ciliata who not had his name for nothing
  15. It's a ants plant! It come from seeds. Here is a bigger one (from the net) : http://myrmecodia.invisionzone.com/uploads/monthly_02_2014/post-22-0-67024500-1393372346.jpg I love it
  16. Thanks both for your message!! Daniel O. I just check on the net and you are right it's more looking like a classic ordensis... I just contact the seller. Ptaah : I love it too. the Nectar spoon is soooo nice!
  17. Hi everyone, This will be my album for this year. Hope I will enjoy your eyes!!! heterodoxa (Gran Sabana) Venezuela ciliata Dr. ordensis x falconeri Hydnophytum perangustrum Nepenthes albomarginata 'Dark' unknow maybe N. graciliflora or N.(x ventrata) x alata) 3 nice photos for me Nepenthes albomarginata 'Dark' Heliamphora ciliata
  18. "Bristel Tooth" "Schuppentiel I et II" "Petit Dragon" "Louchapate" "Cuptrap" "Red Micro Teeth" "Ellis Shark Teeth" "Fire Mouth" "Galaxy" "La Grosse à Guigui" Hope you like it ;) For a better quality open the picture
  19. Hi, Few photos of my vft in autumn "Red Piranha" "Flaming Lips" "Coquillage" "Bec de Lièvre" "Master of Disaster" "Red Shark Teeth" "Dracula" "Sawtooth x Piranha" "Australian Red Rosetted" "Razorback" "Vitiligo" "Spotty" "Cross Teeth" "Straubi's Dream" "Fused Tooth" "Hennings Giant" "Giant Big Mouth" et "Atlanta" "Paradisia" "Microdent" "Uk Sawtooth II" "Sunrise"
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