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  1. Oh nice, thanks for this link
  2. Hi linux thanks for answer This is my last purchase, M18 For the moment I have these clones Sarracenia minorS.M01 minor -- var. okefenokeensisS.M02 minor -- var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant, North East. (M16,MK) S.M03 minor -- var. okefenokeensis, Giant ex. Weilbrenner, extremely tall and robust plant. (Klein) S.M04 minor -- var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee - north, GA (=S6L) M24A (M.Srba)S.M05 minor -- var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant, Clone reputed to reach 4ft, Alastair Culham, Reading University, (M18 MK) But I want to grow up my minor list And that's not so easy to find subject of even informations on the clones, compare to more common plants by quantity in the collection Fred
  3. Hi, According to you, which 3 clones of minor are a must have regarding the eight and which 3 clones for the beauty Thanks Fred
  4. Nice photo of lithops ! =)
  5. I think the best is to keep the "x" from the crossing ;)