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  1. Odysseus Sorry I have no Idea as I bought it second hand it is designed for Aquarium plants so it should be OK. I would have to pull it appart to get the light tubes out and I am in no hurry to do that. Keith
  2. Odysseus Thank you for your reply sorry for the confusion its a total of 36W The Live Sphagnum Moss is possibly the best I can get, the old dry stuff can be bought any where in Aust Keith
  3. My 45lt Terrascape The Air plant is not in its position at the moment. I have Sundews in the front and a Venus flytrap on the RH side plus two very small Sundews. The light is a 36W T5 unit it is about 40cm above the plants. My questions are how long should I leave the lights on for. How do I go about feeding them and what with. I will be misting mornings only. All the plants are young and healthy in Peat Moss, I will have Live Tasmanian Sphagnum Moss around all the plants. Keith
  4. I tried that and lost the lot in a few days my area in Aust is too hot. Keith
  5. This is the lighting I am interested in its a 36W PL unit I will silicone a piece of 6mm glass on the side of the tank and clip it on that It is made for planted Aquarium tank Keith
  6. Andreas I suggest your friend contact Triffid Park located in Victoria Keith
  7. Fred You are 100% correct, the method I will be using is incerting a soft plastic tube into the riser tube and a kitchen funnel on the top end and just gently pour the water into the tube. To hide the riser tube I will coat it with an Aquarium safe Silicone then roll it it 1-3mm river stones same as on backing. I am in no hurry as its a get it right first time. I have done a lot of Aquarium Aquascaping and as long as I follow all the basic rules it will be OK to start off with and fantastic when established (I hope) Keith
  8. Nov 25th 2012 Today I went to a local commercial Carnivorous plant grower. I took the Terrarium with me plus a plan drawing. It took about 1hour to work out what went where as there must have been 1000s of plants to choose from. Once we (excellent helper) worked out what would be the most suitable (established size, shape and colour) I honed in on the softer reds to give an over similar appearance. I thought that piece of Gold Vine (driftwood) would be a whisker too big, in an instant with out thinking I turned it on its end and perfect exactly what I wanted As I had the Terrarium with m
  9. nnadja I have only seen what the grower has at garden displays I have nevery been to their nursery it will be very interseting to see what I will leave with. It will all be planned out before I leave on a full sized plan drawing. This is where I will be getting all my plants from Keith I
  10. Gaz Only healthy ones I hope. To be honest I do not know, I will be taking the tank to a local commercial grower ASAP and as they are the experts I will with them to get the best out of that small tank. Cost I have spent so much so far, why do it on the cheap by going to a home hardware garden section and saying I will have this and that not knowing if they are suitable for my tank. I will update as I go along. Keith
  11. Not one comment is it too perfect or a shocker? This week I will be making the lighting frame from 20mm square black tubing then off to see what plants I can have. Keith
  12. Because of health reasons this was put on the back burner for too long. As spring has arrived in Aust I am about to get the Terrarium up and going as soon as possible. I have decided to use an UGF Under Gravel Filter on the bottom of the tank. One of the risers will become my watering point that means the watering will always be done from below and not pouring water over the plants. That is set up for a fish tank. To hide the clear tubing I will coat it in an Aquarium safe silicone and cover it with that same stones that are on the backing I would appreciate any comments please. Keit
  13. The PVA is for external use and will be OK for the job. I will be selecting some plants at a local Market very soon. They are an well established commercial grower. Does this sound OK Watering to get the water down deep without pouring it over the plants I will do what I did in the last big indoor garden tank. Make a tall L shaped pieces of a sprinkler system. The bottom section will have pieces cut out to let the water flow over the base of the tank. I will post a photo of it and that should explain it a lot better. Keith
  14. Yes it is Spanish moss that is hanging over the cork and backing. The other moss I will be using is Sphagnum that will be over the "correct" soil mix. Glues. As I have been into aquariums for over 40 years plus using teaching about glues for close to 40 years, there is only one "Rule" and that is "The correct glue for the correct job" I contacted the Manufacturers Technical Department and they advised me to use a non toxic glue to stick the Styrene to the glass, and for sticking the small stones to the foam an External PVA. The same Non Toxic glue was used to stick the Cork to the stone
  15. I will be using two twin T5s in my new Aquascaped terrarium, I have just joined this Forum, here is a photo of what I have done so far. T5s are far cooler than any T8 they also cost less to run. Keith