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  1. I only repot if I see something wrong with the setup, the smell of the soil, the size of the plant or if the soil is very compacted.
  2. Good seller. big healthy plants.

  3. Thanks very much for the help :)
  4. Vartax


    I grow them in my basement with no trouble at all
  5. Hello I have one pot with warburgii and there is some things that are missing for it to be a warburgii
  6. Hello, could someone point me in the right direction thanks for any help in advance.
  7. I'm a part-time man Part time security job Part time Mushroom grower Part time Computer Hardware fixer Part time worms grower Part time Carnivorous plants grower Part time Lithops cultivator and Full time Dad :)
  8. I can help you with that. Contact me near the time of your comming to Portugal
  9. I have mine in my bancony all year long he as allways red leafs and traps. The bigger diference I see in yours is that mine is in a larger pots so the roots stay cooler and he is in a water tray so there is allways some humidity around.
  10. I tried in vermiculite also, had a very good germination but all died a few weeks after germinating. I tied outside too with seed on top and same thing. The only method that worked for me and some friends was putting the seed in the soil and cover them with a fine layer of sand or dirt. No treatment to the seed. The pot was left outside during the summer and winter with little to no water in the summer and it rains in winter so no problem there. The seed can take more that a year to germinate but with this method we are getting strong seedlings. No tray with water if it is outside. The
  11. Some photos of some of my plants in the winter Brochinia reducta Cephalotus follicularis in the outside Drosera adelaes looking good during this weather Drosera graminifolia Drosera peltata before it starts growing up Droseras scorpioides outside Drosera stolonifera, year and a half of stratification outside finally PAYED OFF :) Drosera that looks like a venusta but im not 100% sure Drosophyllum lusitanicum Nephentes bongso Nephentes veitchii x (rokko x veitchii) Pinguicula laueana with it winter leafs Pinguicula x weser winter leafs Sar