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  1. just a bit colder than the outside???? whereas the house is obviously heated to a certain degree
  2. so indoors ok then? not too warm/dry?
  3. well my d spatulata has done very well this year in the greenhouse but i wonder whether it should be brought into the house now? can any one advise me as to optimum conditions now....
  4. Hey copying my avatar?????? :)
  5. oops, slippy fingers..double post...sorry!
  6. outdoor all the year ( snow or frost is not a problem for them when they are in hibernaculae ) you have not mentioned the bloody birds in spring that steal the moss in which the hibernacula reside and (2 years gone) my most prized drosera rotundifolia!...which is why the pings are now kept indoors!!!! thanks for the advices, guys, and yes, the thought of fungus has passed my mind...its just the greenhouse is a pretty unvisited place in the winter...dessication v's fungus..mmmnn tricky.
  7. thanks guys. i think i might take Ian's advice and put them and their substrate in their own tray ... maybe an old propagator?
  8. ping vulgaris or grandiflora i think
  9. Where is this beautiful group? in your garden or the wild? i remember being dragged up Snowdon on my wedding anniversary with my hubby (and thousands of other people) much to my chagrin...until i saw, totally unnoticed by the hoipolloi a group of native pings growing out of a granite escarpment dripping with water. they were in full flower and made my heart sing....what the tiring trekkers trooping past thought of the girl (ok, ageing lady) on her knees snapping away (with the camera) at a soggy rock, i neither know nor care...for me it made the trip!
  10. hi guys, well the pings have died back into the moss and i want to protect them through the winter. Has anyone got any ideas on how to over winter the hibernaculas? I was thinking of taking the moss they are resting in, making sure it was damp and sealing them in plastic food containers.... I'm worried that , as i keep the water trays pretty much dry over winter for the sarras and vfts they will dry out and die. could someone please give me some advice/ pointers on this as tempus, as ever, fugits on.....
  11. iminei

    help, Scale!

    Drench means to fill up the tray your pot is sitting on all the way. Once there is no more Provado in the tray, repeat twice more. OK, so as i understand it, the water the plant sits in is diluted with provado, which the plant then absorbs, and the process is repeated twice. The dilution is written on the bottle/concentrate however, my bottle of conventrate is old and the label is tres tattered; i shall look it up online! now, since the discovery, the big prune and the treatment, Boris has been outside...which he seems to be enjoying, so if i drench him, the rain could dilute the treated water further...i shall move him inside for a while!
  12. iminei

    help, Scale!

    you keep saying drench Amar, i was thinking that there are far too many nooks and crannies at the base of this long established plant that lil devils like scale could fall off and hide in til the coast is clear, but please elaborate as to dilutions and frequency etc... i don't want to kill this rather lovely S x Mitchellansi (don't know if i have spelt that correctly)
  13. iminei

    Pinguicula leaves many!!!!!!
  14. oh well that's good, always a bit alarming to see the glass bowl they're in brimful of rain after a heavy shower. i did wonder if it was natural ageing process; the leaves are really bright pretty colours, though you can't see that so well from the pics! my ceph has been flowering for over a month now and i finally removed the stalk last week. i never really worked out the seed collection/growing from process.
  15. having trouble with the capabilities of my camera (or should that be the capabilities of the camera but try this one...