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  1. Perfect! Thanks a lot, see you this week end ;) Aurélien
  2. Hello, The link work, but not this email address: (Before your answer, I've of course replaced [at] by @ and [dot] by .) The best, Aurélien
  3. Hi Marcel, This email doesn't work ;) The best, Aurélien
  4. Hi, Some pictures are posted in the french forum: (Direct access:)
  5. Hi, Sorry for the absence of answer. Don't worry, it's one access for the whole event. Please remind that the access to the event is free, only access to the lectures is charged. All the best, Aurélien
  6. Thanks Marcel ;) We also close the registration for sellers today: two important sellers just confirmed their presence; David Svarc (Carnivoria EU) and Andreas Wistuba. So we don't have any more place! It's now useless to contact us to sell some plants. And as a remind, we don't accept sellers if they aren't properly registered before. EEE is a lot of organization, and found place for eveybody is a challenge! All the best, see you in Lyon, Aurélien
  7. Hello Comrades, Good news, organization for the next EEE in Lyon make good progress! We just update the official website: As you can see Carnivine, there's more than 6 sellers... We actually wait for some confirmations. Vincent, where did you heard that? That's a big debate in France, and some professionnal sellers didn't want non-professional sellers. But as in Nancy two years ago, and as EVERY EEE, the aim is, indeed, "Exhibition and Exchange". At no time EEE should restricted to professionnal sellers. All the best, Aurélien for EEE2015 commitee.
  8. Oh, really nice plants Vince! So pretty ;) Continue the cultiation like this! Aurélien
  9. Thank you Marcel. Nothing to add than: That's not 59€ for "a disc of PDF files", but as I've said, 59€ for "many decades of fieldwork". So, that's a good deal.
  10. Dear all, We would like to inform you that the fantastic book (in fact a DVD with pdf files) of Derrick J. Rowe is just finish and available. It's actually the biggest amount of knowledge ever published about ant-plants. That's also the report of many decades of fieldwork for this well-known New Zealander. These DVDs are available in Andreas Wistuba's shop. We would like to precise that he don't take any advantage of these sells. Actually, he host it for facility reasons. The integrality of benefits are donate to the ant-plants forum: (I take advantage of this message to put an advertising for it!) Order some DVDs, read it, enjoy it! There's a lot of unpublished data and nice pictures! The best, Aurélien
  11. Hi everybody, Eventually the EEE will take place this year at Lyon Botanical Garden, in centre-east France. This event will be co-organized by two french societies: Dionée and Carnivorace, and the Botanical Garden of Lyon. More information the next weeks... The best, Aurélien
  12. I agree. It looks like P. tortilis, I know that Gert grow this species, which could be a real weed!
  13. Hi Vincent! Nice to see your photos, thanks for sharing. You've seen a so large diversity of carnivorous plants, that's impressive! This part of Borneo is really rich. You're lucky to do this travel, indeed... The best, Aurélien
  14. Waw! Another marvellous paper in perspective! I'm impatient to read it and change all labels in this group... If you continue to publish so wondefull papers, this genus will be more and more comprehensive. Thanks!
  15. I agree. This fower really look like U. gibba, which is a pantropical species, very common in nature and cultivation, and highly variable in size and in form.
  16. That's astonishing how your Aldrovanda vesiculosa var rubescens are red! The brazilian sun I mean?
  17. Good work! It's now clear in the so called "Drosera villosa complex" in which the synonymy was completely unclear... An article in introduction to the future publication of redfern natural history productions?
  18. Thanks Dave and Marcel for your help and informations. Dave, I've seen your links before I ask the question, and for me, its don't answer completely... That's why I use this topic to complete the informations. I think I have now what I want! (Or solely what I can...) But your last observation is really precious: D. x snyderi is itself one of the few fertile Drosera hybrid, if one of the parent have also an hybridogenic origin, that could maybe explain the polymorphism of South African sundews? We have perhaps "young" species, not compltely distinguished? Like most Nepenthes species... So, the ball is in the court of taxonomist like - I suppose - Andreas Fleishmann or Fernando Rivadavia who works in the future monography of the genus Drosera! So, courage...
  19. And what about the elusive Drosera x snyderi? Is it a natural hybrid between D. nidiformis and D. dielsiana (or D. natalensis!), or a man-made one? And where was it published? I don't find anything... I'm going to thinks that's a nomen nudum. Thanks
  20. Thanks a lot! Many peoples are happy to have participated to EEE at Nancy, so we can only be happy too, and really glad. And of course, thanks a lot to all lecturers, sellers and visitors, you made also EEE great! Aurélien
  21. I have some modification to the programme to bring: Andreas Fleischmann and Stewart McPherson should unfortunately cancel their coming. Andreas Fleischmann's lecture would be replaced by a speak about french Pinguicula, by Aymeric Roccia, who just describe P. x gresivaudanica (see the last CPN) Stewart McPherson would be replaced by Marcel van den Broek, really implicate in Ark of Life project. He will continue the lecture scheduled by Stewart. Redfern's stand will be hold by Thomas Gronemeyer and Andreas Wistuba, just near the stand "The Nepenthes Nursery". Last but not really important, visits on monday will be inverted: bog on the morning and garden on afternoon. But we still go to a nice farmhouse for the lunch!
  22. Hello all, EEE approach at big steps... Important updates had be down on the website of EEE: Please, if you want to come to the fieldtrip and/or at the dinner friday, don't wait too long! We certainly close the registrations for these two events in a few days. Share the information! All the best, Aurélien, for Dionée and Nancy Botanical Garden.
  23. Thanks to share the info David, some other peoples have problem to register. I hope your experience could help them...
  24. Dear all, After a long wait (Sorry for the delay!), the registrations for EEE 2013 are now open! A great thanks to the webmaster and treasurer team of Dionée.