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  1. Hi, here are some more pictures of my tuberous drosera. First Drosera huegelii Flowers of Drosera palladia Some flowering Drosera whittakeri The software said that I can upload 30.72 kb more .... Maybe tomorrow I can make some more uploads. Cheers Lutz
  2. Lutz

    Tuberous drosera

    Canon 550 D Canon 60 mm f2.8 macro nearly all photos are stacked
  3. Hi, here are some more pictures of my tuberous sundews. First two pictures of Drosera stolinifera than a nearly flowering Drosera browniana. This is an awakening Drosera rosulata. followed by Drosera colina and a Drosera porrecta. Best regards and greetings from Berlin Lutz
  4. Hi, last year I wasn't very active and so I haven't even posted the pictures from the end of last season. Here are the pictures of my tuberous drosera from April 2017. Starting with Drosera aff. bulbosa Caballo Blanco form Drosera yilgarensis Drosera whittakeri A young Drosera lunata Drosera zonaria from Oakford Drosera lowriei "Gigant" Drosera aff. palladia south coast form Drosera stricticaulis The Lakes Two pictures of Drosera squamosa Drosera rosulata gigant swamp form Drosera
  5. Hi, here are some more pictures. First some flowers of tuberous sundews: That's a nearly open flower of Drosera heterophylla and here the same flower opened with 10 petals. Lowrie reported up to 12 petals for Drosera heterophylla. Next are two close up's from flowers, first Drosera zigzagia and next Drosera planchonii. The next two pictures are from species which are not seen so often. First Drosera prophylla and next Drosera hirsuta. The next ones are Drosera ramellosa and Drosera aff. stolinifera mini Hills form.
  6. Hi here are some more pictures. First a Drosera squamosa sand growing form: and than another Drosera squamosa Next a Drosera andersonia which starts to grow up and a Drosera stricticaulis which already managed to come a little bit closer to the artificial sun: Best regards and greetings from Berlin Lutz
  7. Hi again, here are some more pictures. First a D. zonaraia, the same which is on the picture above but from another perspective: and the flowers of D. prostratoscaposa opened and a growing Drosera moorei I grow all the tuberous drosera in the cellar under T5 ligths. The temperatures are right now about 10 °C at night and maybe 15 to 20 °C at daytime and the humidity is about 30 % I think. Tuberous Drosera are not so picky in the case of humidity. The very most of the them I grow in peat : sand+gravel 50:50 apart from some specials. Best regards Lutz
  8. Hi, here are some more tuberous sundews: First a closer view on D. basifolia: than a young and growing D. porrecta: followed by a D. prostratoscaposa: and a "stray tuber", probably a D. macrantha: Will be continued. Best regards Lutz
  9. Hi, again ... some pictures of tuberous sundews. First a drosera erythrorhiza from an uncommon perspective: another Drosera erythrorhiza with some leaves at places where you did not expect them to grow. A Drosera basifolia forest. the one and only Drosera zonaria and finally Drosera squamosa. Will be continued. Best regards Lutz
  10. Lutz

    South african drosera

    Here are some pictures of my south african Drosera
  11. Hi, here is my camera setup: Canon 550 D with Kit objective or Canon EF-S 60 mm macro. Cognisys stackshot macro rail Walimex continous lights Some LED spotlights The very most of my pictures are stacked with Zerene Stacker. I plan to buy a Canon 70D and maybe a Canon EF 100mm 2,8 and maybe a flashlight setup but I think it will take some time if i did not win in a lottery . In my opinion it have some advantages not to fill the pots complete. It is easier to water them from above. Especially when they are drying out too fast I think it is better to put some wa
  12. Hi, breathtaking, as Christian said and 50 cm! If my plants one day reach such a height I will have serious problems with my terrariums. I wanted to follow the scheme to post from one species pictures from the beginning to the end but the next one, a D. cistiflora Nieuwoudtville did not cooperate. It had two flowers and both of them did not open. Maybe it opened during the daytime for a short time and closed in the afternoon before I came from work but that wouldt be not very typical. So I will post the pictures without a flower picture plus some other south africans. First two pictures
  13. Hi, a white D. coccipetala ... WOW. I never knew that there are white ones but if I see for instance the D. cistifloras it is not very astonishing. I think one of the things which make SA drosera special are their extraordinary flowers. In comparsion to the plant they are usually very big, very beautiful and sometime surprising. The D. cistiflora, from which I posted pictures, flowered for the first time and I did not knew if it wouldt be white, pink or whatever. For the wintergrowing SA drosera it seems for me a little bit late to come out. My last one, a D. afra, came out about three we
  14. Hi, yes, they are stacked but the original images, even the one's I posted in the gallery, from which I made the links to this post, were better. Seems that they were shrinked or processed in a way during the upload. I uploaded files of about 0,6 to 0,9 mb. Sometimes it is a little bit difficult with the stacking of flowers. Here I have a small video which is made from the stacked images for the D. coccipetala flower picture above. During I was taking the shots the flower was closing. Regards Lutz