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Status Updates posted by TheInactiveMoth

  1. It's nice to have football back :D

  2. It's my CPUK 1st Birthday!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. There is a U. subulata (I think) in the pot with my bisquamata!

  4. From Friday to Sunday, I shall be in Belgium!!!!

  5. Thank you to CZ Plants for my D. pulchellas!

  6. Hooray, my Nepenthes mikei has arrived from France!

  7. I wonder who that is.....

  8. YES MAN!!!! We've qualified for the Champions League!!

  9. I'm back in England, and already bored....

  10. I will be on holiday in Greece from SUNDAY 23 - SUNDAY 6

    1. Daniel G

      Daniel G

      Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Actually, maybe not...

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