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  1. ...And the winner of the CP Photo Of The Year is....
  2. Ah, but at the installation, you avoid being rained on! ...Sorry for being so pedantic...
  3. Very clever! (I see you have put one of your interests as optoelectronics; it's obvious that you know what you're doing! )
  4. As always, your plants look fantastic. Keep up the good work!
  5. Lookin' good - congratulations!
  6. They're all so.... beautiful.... Thanks very much for sharing!
  7. Everything looks so vigorous and colourful! Nice plants!
  8. That temperature sounds alright, I think.....? Welcome back, by the way!
  9. Looking good! You have a very slick operation going on there...
  10. Great looking plant! It's nice that you've finally got something back from it.
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