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  1. Hi, everyone! It is believed, that nothing can disappear from Internet, however, this program (CP-GrowList) managed to do that. Maybe, by any chance, somebody has setup file? Thank you in advance and all the best!
  2. Hello again. Big thanks for replies. I guess there was a little misunderstanding - I was not going to grow them inside, but thank you for your considerations. As you all suggested (and I already kinda have decided too) I would leave them outside, especially it doesn't look like there would be hot weather any time soon. Thank you all again!
  3. Hi everyone! Recently I got two P. grandiflora plants and apparently they already went to dormancy. What is preferable to do with them now? As I've found this happened probably due to stressful conditions and later they may start to grow again, but should I consider to move them into cold place or I can leave them outside and keep through summer as it is and hope that later this year or next year they will be fine? Thank you for all suggestions. All the best, Oleksii P.S. Just in case adding picture, maybe I think wrong
  4. And after three years I'm back. This is my first flowering Utric. after restart of hobby. This should be odorata, but apparently it is not. Is this subulata?
  5. Hi! Spring is coming and I want repot my plants and try something new substrate for terrestrial. Will they survive in pure quartz send or they really need presence of some peat in mix? Thanks.
  6. Oleksii

    Drosera topic

    As I told — my pulchella is flowering and I was finally lucky to catch it open
  7. Hi to everyone! Dear profs, I need some help. I have quite hard talk about propagation in flask, so I want to ask for some aid and information (better with some proofs like papers etc.). Information from business growers if it is not secret will be appreciated too. So questions are: — Is it possible to keep seasonal CP, like Dionaea in flask for long time without dormancy, will it fall into dormancy in this conditions? — If compare growth rate in flask and in pot (for example), where it would be higher Some other questions will have sense after answering this one. I'll hope for obtaing a
  8. Oleksii

    Drosera topic

    Thanks for answer, but question about indica was solved by itself — it died when I was in business trip (as many other CPs). But question about not producing gemmae is still upped. Maybe, problem is in not proper day-night rhythm. But what really interest me is will plants suffer from this behavior and can I allow them to flower? Thanks for answer. Sincerely, Oleksii
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    Drosera topic

    Hi everyone! I have a question — is that normal if my pulchella grows flower stalks instead producing gemmae? Sorry, if it was in other topics. Thanks for answers. Sincerely, Oleksii
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    DSC 4493

    From the album: My plants

  11. Drying of moss is not big problem for alpina. But, in this case it is not possible - plant is in closed tank with water layer on the bottom. Usually moss is in different kinds of humidity - from totally to slightly. One my assumption - plant want to be repotted into fresh substrate
  12. Hi to all! A lot happens with my bladderworts from my last posting here, mostly - no good , but I want to disccuss one thing about U. alpina. It felt nice in moss in closed tank, but now it has started to fade. The "root" part is looked to be OK, there nice tubers, but leaves... Now most of leaves are dead. Any idea what is heppening? Big thanks for all advices!!
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    From the album: My plants

  14. Hello! I have one hybrid butterwort and there is any problem with growing it. But now I try to grow smth a bit harder. And I'm starting with growing P. moctezumae from seed. And question is what substrate to use — I've read about what "recipies" are used but I'm not able to find all that components, so — is possible to use such mix: 2 parts of sand and 1 of peat? And what you reccommend — place seeds directly on pot surface or it would be better to germinate them in Petri dish? Big thanks! Sincerely, Oleksii
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    From the album: My plants

  16. It sounds optimistic. In case of humboldtii, I thought that it's protection from light (like some orchids do) - I moved it closer to lamp. So will see what will happen.
  17. omg. Thanks for reply.
  18. Hi!! Is it normal, that leaves of Utric became purplish? P.S. Sorry for the blurred photo