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  1. Hello Is drosera burmannii ok to be shipped bare root? I know it has relatively thin roots so im not sure fi it wouldl survive the trip. the plant i want to order is from the czech republic
  2. So at work we have these Aqua grow lights which I can get relatively cheap. Reckon they would be good for carnivores like cephs, Helis, baby sundews and pings? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. does anyone live in plymouth? or devon for that matter
  4. hey guys im new to the forums here and hope to make some frinds and learn a bit i am a member on fytrapcare forums my fave plants are sundews (i love simple capensis) and sarras alhough because of dormancy they arent looking so great see you around :)
  5. one or two of you might know me from anyway i hope to make some new freinds here and see if i can make some sweet trades btw i grow vft, sarra, cephs, neps, pings and drosera