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  1. Gaon

    Hummer's Pictures

    Here is mine. It makes large pictcher with wide mid rib and long leaves but doesn't have thick peristome.
  2. Hi Matze That's wonderful. Especially unnamed2 is very impressive. Dongsu Lee
  3. Gaon

    Crown rot disease

    Hi Thank to everyone. Your advices are very helpful for me. A few day later, I will take pictures of my cultvation and seek more information and advice. Chris, You know, Dongsu living in South Korea.... It's me. Thank you for your advice. I'm planning to place air circulation fan in my pinguicula growing space. And, can I ask what you mean 'fluffy substrate'? Cheers Gaon
  4. Gaon

    Crown rot disease

    Thank you for your kind advice. But I have one question. Why do I never water from above?
  5. Hello all I'm pinguicula lover. I've collected many Mexican pings. But I have been troubled with crown rot disease. I use trichoderma harzianum and feed dried bloodworm to prevent this disease, but little or no effect. What's should I do for my pins? (I'm sorry for my bad English) By gaon_kor at 2012-07-05
  6. Hello Dieter Especially Kondoi is very impressive. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Gaon

    ping ID

    I think so, too Here is my ping(ibarrae)